Bad Habits No.2


Just the ritual of it. Caffeined or otherwise, it’s all about the tea. Now, you may be wondering, why does this count as a bad habit? Well, here is the sentence that probably comes out of my mouth more often than any other: ‘I’ll just have a cup of tea, then I’ll get to work’. The hope being that tea will prepare me for whatever is ahead, when really, it’s just another form of procrastination. I might plan to have a cup of tea whilst getting on with it, whatever it might be, but I’ll always think, now I’ve got a cup of tea in my hand, let’s have a nice break and do a sudoku or listen to this song or something first. I’ll leave the house for lectures/my optician’s appointment/to go shopping, once I’ve had a cup of tea.

These days my cups of tea are, more often than not, redbush, or some kind of PFW (as P would have it – Poncy Flower Water, otherwise known to the rest of you mere mortals as a herbal tea), so it’s not about the caffeine, and it’s not really a problem, except that I seem to have filled in all the silly little gaps in my day where I could be doing something useful, or where I used to be smoking instead, with tea.

This isn’t a bad habit I mind in the least, but it’s not exactly, well, efficient, is it? That said, it certainly isn’t something I’m going to change any time soon. I like tea, and as long as it doesn’t actually stop me from showing up to lectures and so on on time, I’m not forgoing it. But then, no-one’s asked me to. I just sometimes wonder if I depend on tea, as an experience (rather than a drug) too much. How would I cope if there was suddenly a tea-shaped gap in my life? If instead of sitting down for a nice cuppa, I had to just quickly slug a glass of water and get on with it? I think I’d cry.



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4 responses to “Bad Habits No.2

  1. mikel

    Tea is certainly an excuse to procrastinate. It is a wonderful opportunity to take time out to prepare the tea, teapot and so on. Warm the pot, let the tea infuse for just the right amount of itme and then sit back and enjoy, with milk or lemon or indeed even black, depending on the variety being imbibed – wonderful word. You can even have deep meaningful conversations about tea- do you add the milk before or after pouring the tea and the merits/demerits of each approach!! Wonderful drink.

    A while ago I was working in Hilversum in Holland and when out shopping one day I came across a shop that sold coffee beans as you see in many shops over here, but the vast majority of the shop was given over to many many different varieties of tea. You had your “normal” teas Darjeeling, Orange Pico, Earl Grey etc etc, then you have the fruit teas – bosoomberry (like blackcurrant/blueberry cross), Maracuja (Mango), Ardbein (strawberry) Kiwi and so on. All sold loose leaf by the 100 gram – glorious.
    Then you get into the herbal teas – so many varieties to try, all different tasting but have you ever noticed most of them seem to produce a red coloured team when infused regardless of the particular flavour!
    I brought back about 20 different packs of various teas probably about 3 kg worth in total – mostly fruit teas but alas have now exhasusted my supplies. Oh well maybe its a good excuse for a trip back one day to replenish my stocks πŸ™‚ Happy days

  2. Mia

    I seem to be getting into the habit as well – except with me, it’s mint tea. One of my grandmothers grows mint in her backyard, and she insisted that I take as much as possible (so ended up with about 4-5kg’s worth) such that I can have fresh mint tea whenever I wanted. I make it a point to have a cup at the end of the day, as a way of relaxation. πŸ™‚ xxx

  3. teacherface

    I struggle to manage without tea. I think that’s what they call ‘addiction’.

  4. Jenny

    I’m addicted to tea the experience rather than tea that has caffeine in specifically but I think it’s a worse kind of dependency really because I jsut feel really out of sorts without it! Tea makes everything better. So I’m right there with you on the addiction.

    As for mint tea, sounds good though I’ve never had fresh mint tea. In my family we quite often make tea out of catnip or catmint (same thing, depends what name you know it by) which is, incidentally, great for period pains, but doesn’t taste great. So I guess the ‘great for period pain’ bit isn’t so incidental after all.

    And I really love fruit teas in general :). Meanwhile, Mike, wow. Envy. That said there’s a great shop in a town near Home where they sell lots of different types of tea, and I love it. I spend hours in there stocking up every holiday – they also do lots of good coffee :). And also, more seriously, next time you’re in London there used to be a fantastic tea shop in Covent Garden which was like a whole separate world of tea. Definitely worth a look.


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