If I Had To Pick The Most Stressful Occasion I Could Think Of…

…it wouldn’t be a house meeting, at least, not off the top of my head. But then, think about it. You get six cold, tired students, with very little money, and very different ideas about how things should be run, and very definite outcomes they want from a meeting, you throw issues such as bills and housework and internet and contracts at them, add polar bears and environmental conscience so on; consider that these six people are all girls who really genuinely love and admire one another and don’t want to tread on each other’s toes, but are also getting irritated at the poltergeist-like way the kitchen and bathrooms are always, somehow, messy, and the way no-one has any time to do all the things they wish they could do to make the place more homely, but no-one in particular can be blamed because that would be a) difficult to work out and b) would also end up causing Major Ructions, and you have a recipe for serious amounts of stress.

Good resolutions duly made, arguments narrowly avoided, everyone struggles to bear in mind that adjusting to a new house and a new house dynamic is always going to take a while, and hopefully you come out still happy to be where you are. Hey, we’re most of us planning on still living here next year depending on years in industry and the like, so it can’t be too bad. And we’re mostly perfectly happy, I think. Things will get better. But for now, stressful is about the word.Thankfully I think we all feel like that and have come out feeling hopeful and reassured.

And, finally, the heating is turned on. In principle H and I agree that perhaps it shouldn’t be – polar bears and things. But I’m not going to complain when, tomorrow morning, I get out of bed and don’t immediately want to just crawl straight back under the covers, or when I go to bed tonight and I’m not actually frightened of getting naked just in case I die of hypothermia before I can get my PJs on and get under the covers. Last night I was wearing a hilarious get-up consisting of my thickest pyjamas, shirt tucked into bottoms, with long socks wrapped around the outside of the pyjama bottoms, to the knee, and a big jumper, and I was still a little cold despite my two blankets. I need a hot water bottle. We need a new microwave. We all want more money.



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3 responses to “If I Had To Pick The Most Stressful Occasion I Could Think Of…

  1. Flix

    If I could envisage the most common complaints of second year students, it would not be…washing up. And yet, that is what it turns out to be based around, a lot of the time. Pans and food and keeping things clean. Seems petty in the face of it, but that’s what happens when you chuck people together who have never lived in the same house before. Learning curve, innit. And gosh, I don’t know how you could survive past October without the heating oop Norf. Cold is not nice, but neither are big bills. But sometimes, you know, it’s good to not be able to see your breath when you wake up in the morning.

    Oh, the student life.

  2. teacherface

    Fashion has no place when it comes to staying warm, I learnt that at uni and I didn’t give a crap 😀

  3. Jenny

    We’re all of us self-consciously not-cool types who manage to make massive jumpers and cardigans look like a deliberate style choice rather than a seriously-I’m-dying-of-hypothermia practical measure, thankfully! And I don’t know how we got this far either – we’re now only switching the heating on first and last thing, and it does definiteyl make a difference.

    And yeah, it’s funny how the washing up is such a big deal! But, you know, it does get really annoying. Really, really annoying. Anyway, I’m quite pleased because I’m learning to have balls and say when things annoy me on a regular basis. One day I will be untouchable on things like this, emotionally – we’ll have house meetings and I wno’t feel guilty for thinking we should/shouldn’t have a cleaning rota/recycling bin/heating on/coat stand, because it’s my right to hold an opinion on things like this!! For now, though, we survived. No-one hates anyone. Life is good.

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