An Update

So I went to see my new counsellor today and I think he’s the man for the job. Six weeks, he says, and he says he’ll make me work hard and handed out ‘homework’ to complete about how I feel hour-by-hour and so on. We identified strict objectives, and he says his approach is quite integrative – combining elements of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) with more traditional talking therapy to build up a good relationship and work through what’s troubling me. I think this might work. I’m almost excited. Thankfully (since he’s at home) I can see him on a Friday which does also mean I pretty much have to go home (if I’m not there already) every week. Which might be expensive but is also to my mind a good thing. Home is nice. I feel all resilient now – and I fancy going out for a drink or something. Hmm.



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3 responses to “An Update

  1. I hope that he’s the right one for you, I really do. The thing with counsellors is that you just get an instinct, don’t you?

  2. Good news indeed! I’d take you for a drink tonight except I can’t currently have alcohol and I can’t comfortably walk at the moment either. Perhaps another evening?

  3. Jenny

    That’s quite alright m’dear and yes – I’m not around tonight either but Thurs or Friday or even maybe Saturday would all be good things (though Sat is my last evening home and obv would like to spend that with parents probably, we’ll see). Or during hte day if you’re in the area and fancy doing lunch/coffee-esque-scenario-of-some-kind? Albeit in your case sans coffee I guess. xxx

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