…that was a bad start to the day, but from that point on it did get better. I went to my lectures. I sorted out lots of organisy things. I kept moving. I am still moving. I am sorting out a few things in my mind. I am joining societies and sorting out potential new experiences and so on and so forth. I am OK. I will be OK. And we will be friends.

In a couple of days I may even be capable of producing a post that is exciting and worth reading, but not today. Wait until I’m eating actual real solid food again; I think that’s a fairly decent plimsoll line for my general state. The canary in the mine, perhaps. No, not really. The canary is the first to go, isn’t it, and the eating is a fairly Major Sign of my not being OK. But on the other hand, I’m unhappy, I’m upset, but I’m not depressed or subdued or in any way not reacting to this in a way you wouldn’t expect of your average newly single early-twenty-something. And I am so much more OK than I thought I would be.

I am OK.


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