A Few Facts

Did you know you can get WordPress to proofread your blog for such gems as bias language, cliche and double negatives, as well as hidden verbs and a multitude of other sins of poor writing? Being arrogant and clearly a brilliant writer I am sort of of the opinion that anyone who needs these tools should probably not be keeping a blog, but there we go.

Meanwhile, slowly, thanks to my brilliant friend M from Brain Detour I am slowly getting myself set up at the brand new On The Brink. I’m keeping the name because I think it’s a good one and I still feel like I’m in some kind of watershed zone between adulthood and childhood and total idiocy, and I’m not sure that’s due for change any time soon! Anyway, from now on in you can check that and slowly it’ll acquire all the posts I’ve written here (I hope) and obviously brand spanking new posts of the genius and wit that you’ve all come to expect from me…!

This place will still be where I’m at for a little while because there’s a few things scheduled to go up over the next few days and I’ve yet to find a theme I’m completely happy with – I still want some day to design it myself and I’ve got some ideas about what it would look like if I could do anything particularly clever, but for now that’s not going to change. The moment I get my laptop back, however, I’ll be zipping straight up to my new blog and start hanging pictures on the walls and making my presence felt and it will be a thing of great beauty.



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5 responses to “A Few Facts

  1. Flix

    Sometimes I put sins of writing purposefully in, make things more quirky, eh? I’m pretty sure I’ve made some pretty heinous grammar errors in my time, but you know, it’s not like it’s getting marked…

    I want my own domain name and I wish I knew more about website design. And everyone’s moving to wordpress and I feel like I should jump on the same train.

    And sometimes I start paragraphs with and, just because I can.

  2. Lucy

    Definitely, Flix 😉

    Am I the only one who’s really genuinely not bothered about having my own domain name?! That said, I have liked the flexibility to get things looking how I wanted with custom CSS.

  3. stitchthisdarling

    WordPress can make me less biased and clichéd? Why would I want it to do that?! I might set it on some of my more rantier posts (you know, anything involving the euro or the House of Lords) and see what it makes of them. I’d like to see it try :p

  4. standingonthebrink

    I think it’s fine if you know you’re breaking grammatical rules – I know I do that all the time usually for effect, ditto my use of cliche etc. After all you can only break the rules if you know them.

    I do wish i knew more about custom CSS. I have ideas and it would be beautiful I think. So I’m quite excited, this is a step on the right path. I guess I’ll have to use one of their ‘sandbox’ themes and go from there?


  5. teacherface

    @Lucy: I’m not too fussed about my own domain name really. I don’t think I care enough about my blog to warrant it. That’s not to say I don’t care about my blog, just not to that extent!

    I’ve always been hopeless at grammar and I know it. And it drives me mad. And and and 😉

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