One Woman, One Banana, No Pants.

It sounds a lot worse than it is, believe me. It’s about the crazy things one expects people to do whilst drunk – in this case, harass people with a banana, or take your trousers off for no reason and run about like that. All things my cousin has been known to do.

She and her friend C came to stay last night on their way Elsewhere, and we went to the pub, and had round after round, and whilst me and C were hysterically tipsy, K was wasted. However it’s worth saying first that we had a wonderful time. Everything was funny, everything was beautiful, and we realised more and more why we feel such a close bond as cousins in a way that none of our other cousins can quite match. We are terribly lucky to have one another and it was one of those occasions that just made us both realise how important family can be even if you don’t feel like you know one another. Because we hardly know each other, it’s true – and yet deep down, in some strange way, without having to explain or understand it, we do. Unconditional love, y’know. Urgh, I sound hideously emotional; lashings of apologies.

I also resisted the temptation to smoke and sat on my roof talking for hours about everything with C. This morning, a hungover goodbye to them both, and now I’m home again, in bed, with a good book.


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