Where Your Toothbrush Is

That’s the E. Rivers theory on Home. Home is where your toothbrush is. So, across the country, I have four. One here in my parents’ house in Home Town. One at my house in Uni Town. One, now, at P’s, after I yet again forgot to put mine in my sponge bag before I went to stay at his (and before you say anything, no, this wasn’t strategic encroachment-by-toothbrush, I’d never sink so low!), and one at my friend TH’s where I spent most of my last summer and at least part of this summer.

Home is where you feel at home. Where you can wander freely round the house, where you know where the wherewithal for tea and coffee is and you are free to make tea or coffee as and when you want it, and to bandy it around to other people as and when they might want it, where you can bring back friends if it’s convenient, where you can take a bath or a shower when you want one and borrow a dressing gown when you need it, where you can retreat to bed and not feel like you’re being antisocial, pick through the CDs and DVDs and put them on yourself, offer to help with lunch and dinner, borrow keys and waltz in and out. These are four houses in which I feel at home, increasingly so in some cases.

Anyway, there we go. That is home, to me. That, and my own company, and no-one else’s, anywhere, any time, with no obligation to think or move and hopefully music or a good book and a cup of tea.



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12 responses to “Where Your Toothbrush Is

  1. Flix

    Very true. I go through toothbrushes like nobody’s business. I’ve left at least two in various places I’ve visited this summer, and last year I had several in regular use, one here, one there, one for travelling, just in case I had ‘forgotten’ to leave (or in the rare case, actually remembered to take) one in the house I was staying in. It seems like my whites should be as pearly as pearls what with the number of bristles I possess. But toothbrushes are one of those items that are personal and at the same time, completely disposable. I hate the idea of not being able to brush my teeth whereever I stay the night or the thought of using someone else’s (the horror!), so the only solution is to have many in many places. Perfectly logical.

  2. Dickie

    I just have one, which I then take with me if I’m sleeping somewhere else…

    Efficiency ftw! :-p

    I don’t think “home is where your toothbrush is” is accurate. When I was working in Brize during my year out, my toothbrush spent most of it’s time in the hotel bathroom. That doesn’t make the hotel home. Home is, uh, Home. Even uni-house isn’t really home, to me anyway.

  3. standingonthebrink

    I think it’s a case taht different people have different ideas about what home is. I used to have a very strong sense that home was Old Home Town and that New Home Town could never be home in the same way but these days more and more I feel at home in a number of places. ANd if I was spending half my life in a hotel I probably *would* see that as being home. And I’m just horrendously forgetful, so my toothbrush constantly gets left behind and forgotten and I basically have to have one in any location i’m likely to frequently be. I felt at home at my uni house within my first day there :). It takes longer to feel at home in a given town, though, that I’ll grant. And in that sense I think Old Home Town still takes the prize; that and I prefer living in small towns anyway, however buzzy and wonderful the city.

  4. I feel at home very easily. I feel equally at home at home home or uni home, and am happier at uni home because I have more friends there, even though my home home friends are awesome.

    I also have a toothbrush in a cycle pannier. Analyse that.

  5. hannah

    I’m so prepared that I even have new toothbrushes to hand over to people if they’ve not got theirs with them – little extreme I know but I didn’t plan it :p

    Question: Do you stick to the same brand or do you get draw in by flashy gimmicks? I tend to stick to the ends of the colour spectrum only once straying to buy a yellow toothbrush – I almost felt dirty πŸ˜‰

  6. standingonthebrink

    My toothbrush in Home Town Home is always blue, or at least usually. Sometimes purple and I’ve had a yellow toothbrush and a pink toothbrush in the past but both were one-offs. And toothbrushes I buy for myself tend to be blue too – not really sure why. I should probably have ‘guest’ toothbrushes to give people but it’s not usually me playing hostess so it’s not too much of a worry! I don’t really stick to the same brand OR get drawn in by gimmicks – I buy whatever seems reasonably priced, not too cheap, and comes to hand easily.

  7. Flix

    Lol, I recently bought a new toothbrush, which is currently the Best Thing Ever, because it has pink, purple and green BUTTERFLIES! Which I know, makes me really sad and approximately seven years old, but I don’t care because as soon as I flash my sparkling smile, everyone will fall under my charm.

  8. standingonthebrink

    I’m charmed already πŸ˜› and it sounds amazing. Where can I procure one?!! xxx

  9. teacherface

    Y’know I think ‘uncool’ is the new ‘cool’ Flix my sweet because I entirely want one πŸ˜›

  10. Flix


    It’s in the adult section. Winnar, I must be well grown-up, innit. I got mine from Boots, stock varies from store to store to keep them “as individual as you”!

  11. Dickie

    Which do you have, Flix? :p

  12. standingonthebrink

    I must have me one of these πŸ™‚ thanks Flix!! xxx

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