Can I Just Be Very Cross For A Little Bit?

I have just bought a filofax and this makes me very happy. It also makes me feel like being more organised, so this morning I have carried on the losing battle against my clothes (too many, they can’t all fit in the wardrobe, and I’m about as capable with hangers as I am at flying planes, i.e. Not At All, but thankfully hangers don’t tend to threaten lives). So this morning I went through and added to my diary all the things I have to do that I can remember off the top of my head; I also made a to-do list (oh, filofax, I love you, you with your tick-boxes and dividers and there’s a space for my pen and cards and odd scraps of paper that who knows I might need to remember at some point and things like that and Oh You Are Wonderful May I Marry You Please?) – and then I decided to finally go online and look up my timetable for the next semester.

Firstly it took me hours to find my records on the site, which you would have thought would be quite obvious because after all, they’re a handy thing to have to hand, surely? But no. Honestly I trawled round the site for half an hour, following a wild goose chase of links hither and thither all over the internet, and finally I found this list, and which modules were occurring on which semesters, and so on. And so then I found the Timetable page, which lists every single module occurring within my faculty, so I had to sift through those to find my Semester One modules. Then of course even though you may have a lecture in one place on one module every week for a whole semester, every time a different lecturer is giving the lecture it has to have a separate entry in the timetable thing, when given the structure of the course I really don’t mind who is talking, I only want to know when and where.

So that all took a while to transcribe but finally I was onto my last module, and my filofax timetable was very neatly and beautifully done with all the information I could ever need about my future whereabouts right at my fingertips. Wonderful. The last two modules are both heavily practical – each has two afternoons in labs per week. So far I haven’t been such a fan of labs, so this didn’t strike me as great news especially given that they’re not my only lab courses; they’re just the most labby. I’m sure I shall end up really enjoying them – hopefully the actual practicals will be more challenging this year and I fully intend to do all the relevant reading. Anyway. Two afternoons for those two modules in labs per week: and for Anatomy of the Human Body those afternoons are Wednesday and Thursday; while for Experimental Approaches in Physiology and Pharmacology those afternoons are Tuesday and Wednesday. Yes, that’s right. I definitely have the right weeks and the right days and the right times. Different tutors, different rooms, different whole buildings, either, so that I’m supposed to be in two laboratories in separate areas of the city simultaneously every single Wednesday from term until Christmas.

And before you go berating me for choosing silly modules, I’ll say now that every module in second year Biomedical Science is a core module i.e. I have no choice about what modules I do. So some brilliant person has actually planned our lives like this. You really don’t have to be that bright to see how that just isn’t going to work, surely?

Anyway, I’m sure it’s not really anyone’s fault as such and I’m not cross so much as frustrated. On the other hand, it doesn’t look like I have anything on Friday’s after about 12 and for the first six weeks I don’t have to be in on Mondays until 11am. So unless they shift one of those lab sessions to a Friday afternoon (and I tell you now I am praying for that not to be the case) I can get out of the city on any weekend I please – and we all know where I’m planning on going when I can.

Now I’ve just got to wade through the site and try and work out when my tutorials are going to be… I never worked this out last year so I missed many of them. Currently I can’t access my university emails because they’re switching email provider, so continued Superwoman-levels of organisation may have to be postponed. Meanwhile I think it’s time for a cuppa.



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3 responses to “Can I Just Be Very Cross For A Little Bit?

  1. Lucy

    Time for a cuppa indeed. They need Sharry, the timetable genius of our Maths Dept who can sort out even the most obstreperous of clashes with a flick of the mouse and a twinkle in his eye. The university timetabling would be a better world indeed if Sharry was in charge of it all instead of Student Planning and Assessment who are liable to make such incomprehensible decisions such as the one described above.

  2. stitchthisdarling

    Oh, bloody, bloody, SPA. I want my resit results, dammit. I want to know if I’m still an accepted part of their university. They won’t even tell me when the results are going to be up. Sod off, SPA.

  3. Lucy

    I think it was about the 10th or 11th September last year if that helps, Fi? Yes, bloody SPA indeed. And no, I don’t give a crap if your office is closed between 10.30 and 2pm next Tuesday, really!

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