I am going to Towersey today (well, what is now today, I write this at roughly ten to one in the morning so to me it still feels like Wednesday). I’ve had a lot to say recently, though most of it is pretty inane, so instead of just posting multiple times per day I’ve scheduled all my ‘extra’ posts to go up, one a day (look out for the bonus double helping on Saturday, it’s a Momentous Day, if you guess why put it in the comments on this post here and I’ll be very happy that you remembered unless you’re someone who should damn well know anyway – I would give out prizes, but all I can actually award you is the warm fuzzy glowy feeling of knowing full well that you’re a good enough friend to remember), until I’m likely to be back again and have any interest in going anywhere near the internet.

So yes, if I don’t reply to your comments, it’s because I’m away, and if you’re a new reader or a new commenter I won’t be able to moderate your comments until I get back, and I’m sorry about that. If you’re really lucky when I do get back I’ll send you a cute email or something to tell you your comment has now been moderated and approved. I should be back by the 2nd of September, anyway.


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