Here’s Something That Puzzles Me

When I get drunk, I fall asleep really easily after a certain point, and can be absolutely fast asleep for hours, it would seem.

Yet it gradually dawns on me the next day that I am absolutely as unrefreshed as if I hadn’t gone to sleep in the first place. Why is that? I’m assuming I’m missing out on several usually crucial aspects of sleep – but is it the deep stage 4 sleep I miss out on or the shallow dreamy REM sleep that I go without, leaving me utterly washed out?

Oh and does anyone have any idea why I am eating so much at the moment? It’s frankly disgusting. About ten fairy cakes today, some cookie dough that never made it to the baking tray at all, two fried eggs, and some pasta with a wonderful sauce concocted by the glorious Anthony. Yesterday wasn’t a whole lot better – a load of stewed apple, and some lasagne, plus again lots of flour/sugar/butter mess. And a bottle of wine.

I’m not sure whether we left at the end of dinner, or before the pudding was brought in. But a bottle of wine should not have robbed me of my memory or dignity like that, especially not at a dinner party. What has happened to me?

You don’t even want to know what sort of a state I was in by the time I got home. I fell down the stairs, and that’s just the start of things. Oh, Jenny.



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6 responses to “Here’s Something That Puzzles Me

  1. Flix

    Oh, the student life.

  2. standingonthebrink

    Heh, quite πŸ™‚ – I’m meant to be in the middle of revision and there I am going out for the night and drinking far too much at the house of someone I’d never previously met…

  3. Have you considered that you might be pregnant? I think that explains all the symptoms except for eating fairy cakes, which sounds awfully pink and sparkly to me.

  4. I retract my previous comment on the grounds that I thought it was funny and then read it, and realized it’s not at all funny to pretend someone’s pregnant. Apologies all around.

  5. standingonthebrink

    Apologies duly accepted πŸ˜› — personally I think it’s even funnier with the retraction, and I do know right now for a whole number of reasons that I’m pretty much definitely not pregnant, recent scares aside πŸ™‚ so all pregnancy jokes are probably a fairly safe bet πŸ˜›

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