Dear Rational Readers Of Mine:

In my recent post ‘Another Feminist Moment…’ someone named Randy has posted a link to a site entitled Harriet Harman Sucks, which in itself is a hysterical inaccurate collection of mindless diatribes about Harriet Harman based on a complete misunderstanding of, well, everything. Words cannot express how twisted the logic the writer(s) use(s) is – for a really good example here is a post on why ‘Equality between Men and Women is Not Achievable’. I may not entirely approve of her conduct myself but, well, read it. A lot of it is completely illogical and would be amusing if it wasn’t for this particular essay on rape statistics and allegations – there’s another link to this in the comments thread on the post mentioned above. Anyway, read this article, and please, please, please come back to me with some kind of reasoned response that gives me faith in my fellow human beings! Please tell me this is the work of some insane male chauvinist supervillain, and not a fairly common opinion; that the statistics are not founded in fact, that I’ve not accidentally fallen through the looking glass? Please help!



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5 responses to “Dear Rational Readers Of Mine:

  1. Dickie

    The whole site is just a borderline hysterical rant. I can’t be bothered to check his stats in that article, but it wouldnt surprise me if that sort of “massaging” the figures did take place. Are you saying that this is a good thing, if it’s true?

    The “equality is not achievable…” one is fairly hilarious.
    “A few people have emailed me concerning the above piece suggesting, for example, that equality can be achieved in, say, matters to do with pay. After all, they argue, is it not ‘equality’ for men to be paid the same rates as women for doing the same jobs? Well. The answer is No!”
    I don’t think its worth worrying too much about anyone who seriously holds this position.

  2. standingonthebrink

    I cannot remember where I read this (though it was in a far more reliable source than this) but I gather that it is estimated that only about 6% of rapes ever get reported to the police, and only a small number of those reported end up in court/with the perpetrator convicted. I find it far more likely that rapes are under- rather than over-reported, if that makes sense, sadly. Wonderful as it would be to be able to say that instead of the 70,000 rapes reported in a year (or whatever the figure was) it was in fact only 700 women that got raped, I’m afraid that this just isn’t the case. Although that said I have absolutely no time for the kind of woman who will claim she was raped when she wasn’t, out of whatever machiavellian motivation. And it does happen.

    And thank you – yes, on one level, it isn’t worth worrying about someone who seriously holds this position, but on another level it’s worrying that there are people out there who still think that. I know that there are people who I even used to count among my friends who hold views like that, and that shocks me. And I wonder just how many people with actual real power there are with opinions this damagingly mad, mainstays and major pillars of the glass ceiling, and if it wasn’t for them would achieving equality be just that bit easier?

  3. Adam

    The author is relying on the reader to not be interested in sourcing statistics. There are lovely phrases like “the evidence strongly suggests”and “if one takes into account all the evidence”

    What evidence?!? Cite your sources!! I agree with Dickie – there’s no point worrying about this level of hysteria. Looks like it is a supervillain-type…

  4. standingonthebrink

    oh and here is an article from Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science column. Read at least some of the comments – distressingly, a high proportion of commenters seem to be of the opinion that ‘women who get raped are asking for it’ especially if they are drunk or dressed provocatively. If it isn’t consensual, it’s rape. And yes, sometimes it’s complicated working out where the line should be drawn, but that doesn’t mean that it is somehow the girl’s fault for getting into that situation. Granted, it’s dangerous to get that drunk in the kind of situation where that could happen, and if you’re in any way an honourable girl and you wake up regretting whatever may have happened last night, if you think you probably consented at the time then sadly you just have to live with that, but in an ideal world you wouldn’t have ended up in that situation in the first place because if the guy you’re with is sober enough to get hard, he’s probably sober enough to realise that you’re too drunk, and that he probably should take responsibility for you. Anyway, apparently even within Comment is Free on the Guardian there are still plenty of people who feel that us women should go around wearing the veil and skirts down to our ankles just in case we should provoke the interest of a passing man, and you *all know* about men’s uncontrollable urges, of course…

    Oh, ffs.

  5. standingonthebrink

    Oh, and also, read this which is from the Guardian and therefore not shreiking, polemical, or insane, but is by Tanya Gold, so you might disagree with me on all of the above qualities, I don’t know, but read it, she makes a good point and it is, as ever, amusing :).

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