Some New Music

I just bought Regina Spektor’s new album, Far. I really like it; I think it’s more contemplative than her previous album and the things sings about seem to touch on bigger topics than in the previous album, Begin to Hope. It isn’t as cheerful as that album but I don’t think that’s to its discredit.

Musically it is just as interesting as Begin to Hope, if not more so. I think it’s possibly more piano-led this time round too; but then she’s a good pianist and clearly capable of far more in terms of being a good pianist. Although anything cleverer on these songs would distract our attention from her beautiful voice and the sheer poetry of her lyrics.

For poetry it is; from the beautiful ‘Laughing With’ which is a haunting commentary about why people do or don’t believe in God, without any judgement one way or the other, to the seemingly jaunty ‘The Calculation’ in which the two protagonists rip out their unbleeding hearts and smash them into each other until sparks are produced (‘this fire, this fire, it’s burning us up’, or something like that), to the flowing melancholy of ‘Genius Next Door’. There’s a lot of story-telling, watching other people, talking about different characters. Regina Spektor seems all grown up; not that she ever wasn’t. There’s a lot of thought behind all of this. It’s all wonderful music, I’m just sorry I’m such a terrible reviewer. If you’re looking for new music (and who isn’t, really? I love new music, I listen to music all the time and I’m always looking for things I don’t yet know) I would absolutely buy this album. For an extra pound on iTunes (£8.99 rather than £7.99) you get three beautiful bonus tracks which I would utterly recommend.



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3 responses to “Some New Music

  1. Florence + The Machine’s ‘Lungs’ : excellent.
    Little Boot’s ‘Hands’ : good, if a bit samey.
    Going back through my epic-size muse catalogue after a couple of years: priceless.

  2. Dickie

    “For an extra pound on iTunes..”
    Unfortunately, it means you have to use iTunes. Which is a deeply, deeply awful piece of software. God I hate it.

    Also, buying CDs is good 🙂

  3. standingonthebrink

    I know – Muse never gets old. SO excited on that score.

    And I will look out for Florence and the Machine and Little Boots; probably on Youtube because I’m cheap like that sometimes.

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