On The Bright Side

Revision itself may be head-numbingly awful, for all that I am genuinely interested in at least some of what I am revising. However there’s something about revision time which turns every break into a major treat – a cup of tea suddenly seems like heaven, while the chance to sit down with a glass of water and some water biscuits, prunes, almonds and pine nuts (my house isn’t very good at snack food) an unalloyed joy, especially when accompanied with a good old dose of Grey’s Anatomy, current Mindless Viewing Of Choice. So yes, currently I am in the lap of luxury, curled around the help of clothing that currently dominates my sofa, with my laptop, aforementioned snack, tea, water, and blanket. Just for half an hour.

Then it’s back to the desk, with a steaming cup of tea, which in itself will be wonderful. Meanwhile I finally fixed my glasses, which are 0.25 dioptre stronger than the spares I’ve been wearing since Christmas. I wear my glasses all the time; and just now I switched over to the newly-fixed and stronger glasses, and they gave me a headache within ten minutes. Explanations?



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10 responses to “On The Bright Side

  1. Flix

    Grey’s Anatomy is great for revision time viewing, or anytime viewing, really. I am currently on season 4, which I know is way behind the times, but at least it means I never have to wait for new episodes!

    Pine nuts are the best. Prunes, not so much.

  2. nyota0uhura

    So glad that you are giving this whole revising-with-intervals thing a try. I hope it keeps working for you and that you’ll get the most out of your studying.

    About the glasses: I am myopic to a certain (though not grave) degree and have to wear them for driving. I also wear my glasses to the cinema and to watch the telly, since I enjoy how much sharper everything is. The rest of the time I am too vain to wear them. However, my ophtalmologist and my optrician have both told me one thing the last time I had to get my glasses adjusted: glasses that are completely right for you (and that definitely also counts for getting stronger ones) NEVER EVER are supposed to give you a headache, no matter the degree of the change. My last change of glasses was a pretty drastic one but I had no problems whatsoever. So maybe there is something that still needs tweaking with your new pair. I hope that either the headache has subsided (and does not come back everytime you put them on, if only for a short period of time) or that you’ll get them adjusted. There’s nothing as awful as having the wrong prescription on your glasses.



  3. standingonthebrink

    Well the thing is the glasses I’m talking about were ones I used to wear about six months ago and my prescription is, according to the contact lens guy (not the optometrist – haven’t seen him in a while) still the same – for the last six months I’ve been wearing glasses supposedly too weak for my prescription. SO I do’nt really know – maybe my sight has actually got better…! I’m currently wearing contacts, but I don’t usually…


  4. nyota0uhura

    In that case, I’d say just go and have your eyes examined by the optometrist without regard to previous prescriptions. Just to see what the current situation is. That’s how they did it with my last prescription change anyway (turned out my previous glasses were wrong for my eyes, which explained why I kept getting headaches from them) and now I’m peachy.

    Then again, I have no experience whatsoever with contact lenses, so I can’t tell you if maybe it’s the contacts who are giving you the headache because you’re not used to them. Maybe someone else will know πŸ™‚

  5. Photolosopher

    Funnily enough, I shall be leaving the house in about half an hour to go to the optician’s, and prove to them that I can poke myself in the eye successfully. I have a contact lens consultation, for the first time, as I have decided that it would be nice to have some lenses for very irregular use, just so that I can do things which I wouldn’t be able to do so easily whilst wearing glasses.

    Part of me is scared that I will really like having contact lenses, and that the (what I imagine to be) liberating sensation of being able to see clearly without glasses on for the first time in my life will be too overpoweringly lovely, and I will be made a convert for life. Not that there’s anything wrong with wearing contacts instead of glasses, but I feel an unreasonable loyalty to glasses, which I suspect is in no small way influenced by the infuriating prejudice against spectacle-wearing that is propagated by every Hollywood Cinderella story ever made. You know how it is – the first step of transforming a rather awkward teenage girl into a self-possessed beauty is ALWAYS to remove her glasses. Because, of course, spectacles are an insuperable barrier to social acceptance and physical attractiveness…

    I could embark on a lengthy rant about how wrong this is, and how it must make perfectly normal and lovely young females, who also happen to be bespectacled, feel as if there is something wrong with them, and that they must discard their hideous glasses immediately before they can even hope to meet the approval of society – but I won’t, because I don’t wish to hijack your blog, and also because I really will have to go the optician’s soon. Wish me luck! πŸ™‚ They’ve said that if I get the hang of putting the lenses in quite quickly, then I’ll be able to take them away with me today. I don’t know what the alternative is – presumably, if I’m rubbish at it, then they’ll beat me with a stick and tell me to come back and try again next week…

  6. Photolosopher

    P.S – good luck with the exams! πŸ™‚ Tea is always good.


  7. standingonthebrink

    WEll, I was headache free with the contacts, and I’ve only the merest headache now, so I think I’m OK (currently wearing new glasses as I have all day). I quite often have a slight headache on the first day of a new prescription, but yesterday was surprisingly bad…

    Meanwhile, Photolosopher, have a fantastic time at the opticians…! And good luck with the contacts. What I don’t get is why and how HOllywood still have this big-deal Cinderella/no glasses thing that you were describing, when actually glasses are almost more fashionable than they have ever been at the moment…! I love choosing glasses, I love how they flatter my face, if they do, and I love equally not wearing them from time to time because my glasses are just a bit too funky to do the formal-wear thing, and seeing how I look without them. But yes, I think, gradually, the bespectacled army is winning – eventually perhaps even Hollywood Cinderellas will be able to wear glasses with pride…!!

    I find contacts pretty useful on rainy days and when I’m doing things which involve moving with speed in the kinds of areas where it would be a bad thing if my glasses fell off, e.g. whilst doing fire poi, climbing, or walking in precipitous and mountainous places…! Also on sunny days it then means I can protect my eyes by wearing sunglasses and have never yet had to shell out for prescription sunglasses.

    ANd thank you… actually, that reminds me, I would simply kill for a cup of tea now…


  8. Lucy

    I got contact lenses (as an occasional-wear thing) about two thirds of the way through a pair of glasses, and they were 0.50 stronger than the said glasses. A few months later I went for a glasses assessment and the strength of those went up to match that of my contact lenses, completely independently.

    On getting the matching strength glasses, the contacts did gradually become easier to wear and focus through – but it took me a good few weeks to get used to focussing in the stronger glasses, particularly at a distance. I simply peered at the blackboard over the top of them for a bit, and it was only when I forced myself to get used to focussing at a distance through the lenses that things improved. Now they’re fine. But it did take that ‘break-in’ time.

    [disclaimer: my eyes are weird and wonderful. So if in doubt, yes, I would go back to the opticians!]

  9. standingonthebrink

    My eyes are feeling better now; in the past I@ve taken a while to get used to a pair of glasses and it just happens to be a bit worse this time. I know my sight cannot have got better in that time because the contact lens practitioner did test my sight (as well as dyeing my eyes bright green temporarily – bright, fluorescent green, like a highlighter had been scribbled over my irises and most of hte whites of my eyes too…)

    Sounds like your sight is OK for distance – I’m sadly pretty short-sighted, not to a drastic degree, but enough that I can’t read any kind of text of the size of the text of this page, say, from further than a foot, and I can’t read lecture powerpoints without my glasses at all – in fact I can barely see at that kind of distance whether there’s even anything being projected up, it all blurs into one indistinct blob, basically.

    Today I’ve only the mildest headache but am basically OK πŸ™‚

    What’s so very weird and wonderful about your eyes?! *medic-geek-enthusiasm-face*


  10. Lucy

    Oh, well, not too weird-and-wonderful for a medical perspective, I daresay! Yes – my sight is OK for distance, being long-sighted. Only at a level of +2.00 at the minute, so I don’t wear any form for lenses for going out and about if I can help it. My eyes are mildly astigmatic as well, though not so much that I qualify for toric lenses meaning that contacts are only ever going to be an approximate best fit.

    Then the third (and possibly most major) issue is that when my eyes get tired, generally from doing too much close work or not having enough natural light or whatever, they lose focus with each other and wander off in different directions, meaning that I get a sort of blurry double vision and can hence really only look through one eye at a time. Which isn’t sustainable. I’ve realised that a lot of photos of me over the years are *quite* so hideous because I tensed up for the camera and very very subtly lost focus between my eyes. But it really is quite annoying, especially because it can happen with little apparent warning.

    Hence contacts for dressing up occasions and sustained sunglasses wear πŸ˜€

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