My Grandfather’s Granddaughter

Insofar as I am not really a massive fan of the monarchy. The monarchy has got to at least be more tightly financially managed, on principal – look at these figures. I know that in the scheme of things it’s not much, but it is still something, and there is no reason for them to be given all of this for what little we get in return as a country, do you not think? I don’t think I necessarily want the entire abolition of the monarchy, I just think that the system needs paring down given the times in which we live.

Found these figures, incidentally, through the very interesting blog Washminster, which Fi put me on to. Meanwhile, you can check out George Monbiot’s latest, on the prohibition/legalisation of Class A drugs. I really don’t know what I think, but it is definitely worth reading. It’s a hard argument to precis, so you’ll have to go and read it, but then please come back with your reactions, yes? I’m always interested to know.


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