That’s Very Odd

During the revision period I got about twice as many hits on this blog each day as I usually do, and now exams are over and I’m free for the summer, I’m getting a bit less. Not right back down to ‘normal’ viewing figures, but about half way in between the two. It’s very confusing. Is it because I’m posting less often, or is it because everyone’s finally free and is therefore outside drinking Pimm’s and cider and relaxing as well they should be?

I’m only stuck indoors because I’m unpacking, and I’m starting to get a little stuck on a few issues – where certain things should be stored in my room, and such. It’s silly because my room is huge, I should have no problems. It’s more of an issue with categorising stuff – random electric wires and useful bits of paper and bits of Useful Thing that don’t really have an obvious home.

I think I’ll think about this over the keyboard of the piano instead… .



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2 responses to “That’s Very Odd

  1. Mia

    It’s probably because now that exams are over, people don’t need to procrastinate as much – think about it: you posted twice as much, hence there was twice as much for the wandering mind to engage with, especially in the face of revision. Hence, twice as many “hits” to normal. SOmething like that, perhaps?

  2. standingonthebrink

    Yeah I guess that would make sense, but I don’t think that all my readers are students, because judging by the number of hits I get I don’t think I even know all my readers, let alone know who they are, by a long chalk! But if enough of them are students or poeple who specifically need to procrastinate in late spring/early summer I suppose it might be enough to make that difference…!!

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