Exams: Finally Over

At least for now, anyway – more in August due to the utter joy that was my first term. And the fact that I missed one of this lot due to aforementioned migraine. Of the five exams I had this June, I missed one, am not sure about how well I did in another, and the remaining three I think I passed quite respectably with any luck.

Meanwhile on the way home I got the pedestrian equivalent of road rage. Do you know what I mean? The random urge to kick slow walking people in the back of hte knees so that they crumple over, leaving me to walk over them, for a start. Then there were the group of young teenage boys who sauntered deliberately slowly in front of a car that was trying to turn out. The woman in the car then beeped her horn, at which point they all start jeering and shouting at her, at which point I bawl them out completely from the other side of the road because obviously the woman in the car couldn’t do it for fear of being spat at or something. They looked pretty scared. Finally I am big and cool and scary enough to frighten bolshy thirteen-year-old boys (this moment has been a very long time in coming). I gesticulated rudely at a bus that wouldn’t wait for me, got aggravated by any- and everyone. Post-menstrual tension as a possible new syndrome? Let’s put it down to that.

However I also did several nice organised things to do with my house next year and reporting my migraine to the Exams Office and getting a doctor’s note and such. Now all I have to do is hand in the last bit of coursework (only a bit of tidying up left to do there) in time for the designated handing-in date, tidy and pack up my room ready to move out, and go home. Ah, home. Honestly, I can’t wait. I love it here but I just want to stop moving and thinking for a few days which I can only really do there where I don’t have to think too much for myself.

Now I was half-meant to be going out tonight but I can’t be bothered and I haven’t got a ticket and I need some sleep. So, tomorrow I am going out, and the day after, but today I went out for a nice early dinner with A and his friends the Photolosopher and her boyfriend at their flat, which was lovely and relaxed although I got surprisingly tipsy on two beers, which was embarassing. Lots of lovely conversation and good laughs and excellent food, and that’s more than enough entertainment for one night. I am happy, the sun is shining, and it’s nine o’clock, and I feel like going to bed, so that is probably what I shall do next.

That was one hell of an exciting post. Or not. Good night!


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