Democratically Elected?

Well, yes, in theory. But by a minority – when a lot of people simply didn’t know who to vote for and thus ended up not voting at all. The BNP does not represent anything like enough people in Britain to justify sending two BNP MEPs to Europe, as this article argues, whilst also featuring eggs and such.



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7 responses to “Democratically Elected?

  1. “Democracy but only if you vote for a party we like” doesnt work. Like it or not, some people voted for the BNP, and clearly it is a large enough proportion (almost a million people) for them to win 2 seats.

    You can’t just rubbish someone’s vote because you disagree with it.

  2. standingonthebrink

    OK – there are 70 MEPs, and over 70 million people in the UK, of which the vast majority of those are of voting age, and with under a million votes the BNP got two MEPs? That doesn’t seem fair to me. I’m not saying they weren’t democratically elected – they were, that’s that, but I’m deploring the circumstances under which we reached the point where they could win seats.

  3. Its 61 million, and about 20% of that are below 16. [source]. The electorate is 45,315,669 and 943,598 voted for the BNP nationally (turnout was 15,625,823 [source]).

    So 2% of the electorate voted for the BNP. 2% of 72 seats is 1.44 seats. So that they got 2 seats does seem fair.

    In any society there will be people who hold extreme views. I don’t think the BNP are a credible threat to (what we might laughably refer to as) “proper” political parties; they basically only made small gains, considering the mess everyone else has made.

  4. Jenny, you’re assuming that 70 million people in the UK voted. The proportion of children and other people ineligible to vote is not by any means a tiny minority.

    The fact is that proportional representation favours smaller parties. It is arguably more directly democratic than first past the post. If people didn’t want BNP MEPs, they should have voted. That is what the vote is for. That is the point of it. It is there for people to have their say. It is the case that of the people who wanted to have their say in the election, the proportion who voted BNP was such that they were entitled to MEPs. If anything, dispute the apathy as opposed to the result. You can’t blame people not having the opportunity to know what was going on for their lack of voting, nor can you blame their lack of knowledge about the BNP for voting ‘wrongly’. Deplore as you will, but do not blame any stupidity of the public.

    Equally, there are far-right MEPs from other countries. There have been for years. There will always be. But the EC, and the EP in particular, is pretty liberal, frankly. It does not and will never support capital or corporal punishent. It does not and will never be precious about its immigration policy – what is the common market for? In terms of policy-making in practice, two more bigots in the EP will not make a whole lot of difference. And while Nick Griffin is doing his parliamentary duty achieving nothing in Brussels, he is not in the UK wreaking any more effective havoc.

    Sorry, rant over… promise…

  5. standingonthebrink

    OK, I will bow out. I am more ashamed of the apathy – mine included – of the voting public, I suppose, really, and so all my energy from that has been channelled into BNP-hating.

    And you konw a lot more about all of these things than me, of course. I just like to show up and rant and rave a bit from time to time… .

    Anyway. Revision. And bed, and things. it’s quarter to one and I am tired and going to fail horribly tomorrow… .

  6. standingonthebrink

    THank you πŸ™‚ – it’s very interesting and I shall be keeping an eye out and adding it to my blogs tabs in bookmarks πŸ™‚ xxx

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