What’s On Your Mind?

Facebook always asks me this, and if I said all the things I was thinking we’d be here all day, which I guess is why I keep a blog.

Anyway. What’s on my mind is what I am now going to bitch about for a while, bear with me. A doesn’t seem to think I ought to write this entry, so there, I am. And that’s that. In terms of half of you, I’m probably preaching to the choir, but never mind. I’m blathering, which is what I do best. Anyway. I am in stupid quantities of pain and I have done nothing all day and it’s not fair that five days out of every five or six weeks should be like this (yeah, you all know what I’m talking about now, right?). It’s just not fair. Guys bitch and moan all the time about how painful it is to be kicked in the balls, enough to make you feel faint and want to throw up. Now imagine that you’re getting kicked in the balls every few minutes for five days straight. No-one seems to understand that that is what I am talking about.

I know there’s no reason for you to listen or care to me whine about this, but no-one seems to realise this, and so I just thought I’d come out and say it. I got away with the ‘cunt’ entry so there’s no reason I can’t get away with this. My brain isn’t working, it feels all fuzzy, I have a headache, I walk like my skeleton just froze up, I’m hopelessly emotional, I feel sick, and I can’t work, and I’m going slowly mad, but I’m a girl, so this is to be considered normal. Meanwhile I have been watching The IT Crowd all day, and trying to organise going to a gig in November, if I can get the tickets, and it all just seems like far too much effort.

So with that, I will leave you, and go back to sitting in the corner of A’s room and whinging. (You know you love me, xoxo, Gossip Girl. Sorry, it just seemed apt).



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7 responses to “What’s On Your Mind?

  1. I’m sorry to have to say this, but unless you are literally curled up on the floor in agony for 5 or 6 days, then it isn’t as bad as being kicked in the balls.

    Otherwise, sympathies and I agree that it is fundamentally rubbish! A different pill, if you’re on one, may help.

  2. standingonthebrink

    I’m not on the Pill, and maybe I should be, yes. I was for a while and I don’t really know why I came off it. And yes, for the better part of the last two days I have been curled up on my bed in agony for at least part of the time – it goes in waves – trying to watch TV but really doing nothing of the sort. Not as bad as it has been sometimes in the past, but still bloody agonising (still, last time I fainted twice in two days, so, you know, small mercies). So I think my point still stands. And it’s more drawn out. Like, just when you’ve nearly recovered from being kicked in the balls the first time, some fucker comes along and kicks you again.

    However, I’ll stop complaining, and thanks for the sympathy πŸ™‚ it is appreciated.

    And to be fair, at least I can self-medicate with peppermint tea and mefenamic acid, which both help, to a degree. And L’s hot water bottle, for which I adore her.

  3. Lucy

    Yay for mefenamic acid! Actually, *incidents* aside, that was one of two good things about being on fluoxetine – I have never, and I mean never had such pain-free times.

    I don’t think men and women will ever agree on this one, Callan! I think that part of the issue is that being kicked in the balls doesn’t put you out of action for the better part of however many days, unless I am very much mistaken. It doesn’t have mental effects, either. If you really want me to expand on the exact realities of having a period I will, but it’ll make pretty unpleasant and uncomfortable reading.

    Also – that’s the thing. A guy’s kicked in the balls. Everyone winces, and shudders, and comes over with sympathy, quite rightly, ‘cos it sounds bloody painful. No-one would ever joke about being kicked in the balls, and they’d be considered a right twat if they did. Women are just expected to get on with it, can’t talk about it ‘cos it’s ‘disgusting’, and have to put up with a large amount of ignorance from the male population who think it’s fun to joke about.


  4. standingonthebrink

    I know, I love mefenamic acid :). You think fluoxetine helped the pain too, then? MAYBE I SHOULD GO BACK ON IT. Or, you know. Not.

    Exactly, I think we’re arguing long-term, incredibly painful pain over a few days vs acute, sudden and possibly a bit worse pain over a far smaller amount of time, and fighting out which is worse is never going to work. I’d argue I’d far rather have an hour of pain than five days, especially if for much of those five days I can’t physically do much more than curl up and groan anyway.

    And yes, being kicked in the balls doesn’t make you stupid, tearful, confused, indecisive and irritable just to start off with. Other than the whole blood-everywhere-fucking-tedium – ‘everywhere’ may be a slight exaggeration – I think between us we’ve covered everything? Oh, and I have a headache and the two are definitely connected and I want to punch my computer.

    And as for the male-ignorance-rant, I am totally with you. It’s not funny, it’s not trivial, it’s a pain in the arse, it’s perfectly natural, and I feel disgusting enough as it is without people making a FUCKING JOKE OUT OF IT.

    OK, I seriously need to calm down and/or go back to bed.

  5. I’ve spent hours and hours studying periods in microscopic detail (quite literally, at times). I’m glad I don’t have to go through them because they can be a pain (also literally; being very literal with comments atm, it would seem), but in terms of disgustingness responses I am massively unfazed =)

  6. “I’ve spent hours and hours studying periods in microscopic detail”
    Some people get their kicks in the weirdest of places…

    “it’s a pain in the arse”
    I’m no expert on anatomy, but…

    /smart-arsed remarks.

    Anyway, wrt the post/comments, I don’t think you can quite draw a parrallel between kicks in the balls and periods, for fairly obvious reasons. fwiw, I think we get the better deal…

    Hope you’re better soon, anyhow.

    Also TMI in the comments… :p

  7. standingonthebrink

    lol thanks for that, pedant πŸ˜›

    And how were the comments TMI?! I think we’ve been very restrained, myself!!

    No, you can’t draw that parallel brilliantly, but complaining about this in the past on the few occasions when I have has led to people saying ‘at least you’ll never know what it’s like to be kicked in the balls’. Well, thanks. At least being a man you don’t go around EXPECTING to be kicked in the balls. I think you do get the better deal. My feminist side gets cross about that – it’s not meant to be a raw deal being a woman even BEFORE you enter glass ceilings and male chauvinist prejudice into the equation πŸ˜₯ !!! It’s alright, I am sort of joking.

    However today has been a lot better, thanks πŸ™‚ partly because I’ve spent the entire day at my desk, not really moving, although I did just go out and do a few minutes poi-ing which I wasn’t expecting to be able to do today πŸ™‚

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