Good Morning, All!

I woke up today at 6.30. Which is great. I am now working, or rather, I am just about to be, but I have hours in hand, because my exam isn’t until half past four. The fact that I have to learn how to do a silly number of Clever Statistical Things before then is neither here nor there.

To be fair, to wake up this early, I had to go to bed at half past eight, although I actually lay down a while later, having curled up with a book for a while, before putting my earplugs in and wearing an eyemask so that I could pretend it wasn’t so surreally early. I needed the sleep. And I didn’t sleep terribly well, despite the sleeping pill I took. I woke up every few hours throughout the night and had a whole host of odd dreams and was aware of times like eleven, 1am, 3 and 4am, and even 5.30, but then I probably got more sleep than I have in a while, in small doses, and feel oddly refreshed.

And there is something lovely about being awake this early. It’s cold and silent and I am the only person in the whole world who is awake right now. I know that’s not really true, but within the cushioned environs of the student village, it feels that way. I am almost certainly the only person awake in my flat, and it’s just me and the woodpigeons. I doubt most other people will wake until gone ten unless they have exams, although I’m going to go and get A a cup of tea in a minute because he too needs to start waking before noon.

And hopefully this will give me enough hours of Being Awake that I will then be tired by about ten tonight and get back into a decent sleep cycle. One can only hope.

Meanwhile, I’d better get back to work. There’s a lot of work to do, after all.

And incidentally, yesterday’s exam went really well. I’m fairly certain, fingers crossed, of a pass, and I still feel that now so it can’t have been too bad. I found some of the notes I made in lectures for that module, whilst looking for my lecture notes on this one, and everything I saw I thought, ‘yes! I put that as my answer! I was right!’, which is a nice feeling. Lets hope. Another incidental – A wrote another poem that is at least ostensibly about me, but it is, he judges, good enough to keep of the internet in the hopes that it becomes published somewhere. I feel all musey and inspirational πŸ™‚ which is ironic because the poem features me, or someone like me, being a pretty bad role model….

Right. Work time. Hopefully I’ll be up similarly early tomorrow in which case I’ll probably post again, very jubilantly, about nothing in particular. Perhaps I’ll even go out for a run while it’s still cool – but not today. Today I have to work, I am caffeinated to the max, and raring to go.

And P.S. I don’t know if you’ve seen the NSPCC’s latest banner ad – sadly I have no way of linking to it – but it features a baby, Sam, lying on a mattress of some kind, and waving your mouse over the ad spins a mobile, and he laughs and giggles and kicks his feet in absolute delight. He’s a beautiful baby and it’s such a sweet ad, and it really tugs at my heartstrings and brings a lump to my throat. But right now I am too poor to be able to give money to the NSPCC on a regular basis and I feel incredibly guilty about that. I’m going to see if I can give a one-off donation.



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5 responses to “Good Morning, All!

  1. Lucy

    I got up early to give my mother a lift to work before heading for town and the markets. It was glorious!

    Good luck for the exam : )

  2. Flix

    Procrastination for the nation!

    I detest half past four exams. I do like the non-guilt that comes in the evening afterwards, though – oh look, it’s 7pm and I’ve only just come back from an exam, I can’t *possibly* do any more revision tonight…

    One week to go, oui? Good luck and such xx

  3. standingonthebrink

    Haha I know what you mean – but I quite like the idea of a half past four exam. Who knows what I’ll think of hte concept when I come out, but it gives you nearly a full day in which to revise, and a non-guilty evening, and assuming I don’t feel dozy when I go in, which I shouldn’t, it should be just glorious. How well it will go I don’t know.

    Sounds like a perfect morning, Lucy πŸ™‚ how were the markets?

    And yes, exactly one week to go today – and after today, only two exams. Sadly they’re neither of them fun or easy, they’re probably my hardest yet, but I have a week to get ready, and I am a cramming genius.


  4. Lucy

    The markets were excellent, thanks. I got there before most of the stalls had set up (!) but fortunately the one I wanted was open AND they had the same silk! Took all of five minutes once I was there πŸ˜€

    Hope it’s gone well (I guess you’ll be in there as I type). I’d hate a half four exam, ‘cos I’d just spend the day getting more and more stressed… Fortunately Durham only has two starting times – 9:30 and 2:30, both of which are more than reasonable!

  5. standingonthebrink

    Most of ours are either 9am (NOT reasonable, especially when the exam hall could well be the other side of the city, in the football grounds, which means having to allow a journey time of anything up to an hour and no less than thirty minutes), or half one, but the odd one is half four.

    But this one went well πŸ™‚ – of 70 questions, I had to get 28 to pass, I answered 46 of them and answered ‘don’t know’ to the rest, and of the 46 I gave an answer to, I am certain of 38. The remaining eleven may lose me 1/3 of a mark each if I get them wrong, which means losing a maximum of four marks if they round up rather than down and I get ALL of those I’m not sure of wrong, which means I still get 34, and equally might get more. So I definitely passed, although I’m touching wood and things as I say this, I don’t want to curse myself by accident!!

    And then I went out to dinner with A. Life is good. And I’m a little tipsy on strawberry beer, which from where we went is excellent but from other bars in the city can be horrible, so be careful on that recommendation. And the chocolate brownies where we went are absolutely orgasmic. Well, not literally, but they are amazing.

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