More of a Tweet, Really…

…this is a short one.

I quote A, who says, of me: ‘PoshJenny is a cellist of no little skill and whose family does music like other families do football, or organised religion‘. I like that statement. It makes me feel skilled and unique, where I would say I am neither to any great degree. Anyway, it was a nice line. On the music front, I have plans, to get together some friends to play the Mendelsohn Octets over the summer with some friends and friends-of-friends. An octet, in terms of strings, is four violins, two violas and two cellos, the exact double of a string quartet (oh, and if you know anyone who wants a wedding quartet, I have one, very, very occasionally, although I think me and the viola have been usurped, which is fine by me because our replacements are probably far, far better; but we’re not half bad. And by not half bad, I mean pretty damn good. So let me know – who knows, I might even do some practice especially. We can play anything you ask, as long as we can find an arrangement for quartet, or even write one, as we have done in the past).

A also said to me he doesn’t read Cloudlife, becuase ‘I was there. You were going through hell, and I see no reason to read it again and feel that sorry for you all over again’. I never thought of it as hell. Was it?

And a quick update on the mental health front: yes, I am still fine, still happy, and still loving it, but I can’t help seeing warning signs everywhere, and then panicking that my seeing warning signs is a warning sign in itself, and panicking some more, but if I didn’t worry about it, I guess I wouldn’t be half so grateful for being OK. That’s not quite what I mean. I’d rest on my laurels, relax into it, and then my cloud would swoop up and catch me with my trousers down, and so, of course, I’m always on the look-out, whatever difference that might make to my ability to do the least thing about it.



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2 responses to “More of a Tweet, Really…

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  2. Adam

    Despite never having heard/seen you play cello, I can’t comment on your playing, but I’m lead to believe A is correct…

    I also completely understand why he wouldn’t want to read Cloudlife. I’ve told you before that I found it quite difficult reading, infact I skimmed over a lot of it… I’m glad though, that you’ve got such a wonderful and supportive psudo-husband there in University Town. Here’s hoping that Cloudlife stay closed…

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