Because I love you, here’s a tip off. I’m going to assume you’re all reasonably technoliterate – ask me in the comments if you have any questions, but if you want to use my Rapidshare account, I’ve got a premium account for the next 90 days and it might be of some use in downloading films and such – go to Rapidshare, go to the Premium Zone login, and enter username PoshJenny and password mrshaml3t (I haven’t used that password for anything else, so don’t think you can go changing my facebook status to anything supposedly ‘humorous’ or anything like that), and then search on the web for ‘rapidshare [a film you’d like to see]’.

When you find one which doesn’t want you to hand over money or anything (they’re pretty common, especially if you search for ‘rapidshare [film] free’… OK, now I’m assuming you’re about as technoliterate as my mother, which wasn’t the plan) click on the links for that film (it’ll be in ten or twenty small bits) and you can download them, but they’ll be WinRAR archives so you’ll have to download WinRAR or the Mac equivalent, but trial versions are free from somewhere and there doesn’t seem to be a working time limit before you have to hand over money). Put them all in the same folder. Then you’ll be able to unzip them, string ’em all together and watch the film.

Like I say, any questions, put them in the comments, and if I can’t explain what I mean, someone can. It really isn’t as complicated as I’ve managed to make it sound – after all, I can do it. Dubious legality, but usually pretty decent quality. That’s how I discovered Skins, Gossip Girl, and today, Brokeback Mountain. I used to use S’s account but it doesn’t seem to be functional any more. Enjoy!


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