A Challenge For You All

As you can see I’ve divided up my blogroll a bit because it was getting a bit unwieldy. So here is a challenge to everyone in Mutually Assured Perusal: as you can see, when you hover over hte links in some other sections a little description turns up – now, I want you to write your own description of your blog in NO MORE than six words.

Email me with your chosen tag at jenny (dot) mohan (at) gmail (dot) com, or if you’re not so shy whap it in the comments section of this post (it’s going to go up in public anyway so you may as well bite the bullet). Mind-changes are perfectly acceptable. People to whom this challenge applies appear in the Mutually Assured Perusal, however, if you write a blog which you know I read, and you read mine (which is the bit I don’t know, unless you’ve left comments here before), then I will gladly move you into that section of the links if you submit your mouseover description here or by email.

So currently, this applies to Callan, Claire, Clare, Lucy, Fi, Marcus, Gee, Laura, Mia, Harry, Adam, Dickie, Flix, and Ipso Facto. Please do this, otherwise I shall write nasty things about you in aforementioned mouse-overs!

That is all. Later, if I get bored, I shall talk about the most amazing book that I read last night, and assorted other things such as wow! There are ducklings on our industrial deadland of a pond… . Lovely lovely.



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50 responses to “A Challenge For You All

  1. Flix

    Cha-ching! I’m going to get thinking. This is awfully egotistical and I am rather intrigued. I hope people think up some good’uns, no pressure πŸ˜›

    Ducklings FTW!

  2. ruethewhirl

    i’m going to take mine straight from the biggest tag on the annoying little ‘site preview’ that pops up: ‘Idle thoughts of an idle fellow’

    it sounds deliciously Jerome K Jerome.

  3. “Legalese, craftiness and general over-enthusiasm” please! Lovely-lovely.

  4. standingonthebrink

    (I added in ‘lovely-lovely’ into yours, Fi, so that it didn’t sound too critical to anyone who didn’t know how the tag was added – also because I think it’s a brilliant and beautiful catchphrase πŸ™‚ )

    And thank you, both of you πŸ™‚


  5. standingonthebrink

    Oh, yes, and I didn’t like the ‘site preview’ thing that pops up either – so I’ve turned them off. You can probably do the same? If you don’t, you won’t be able to see the mouseover text πŸ™‚ !


  6. Lucy

    I can’t make the tags come up. I will consider this after Wednesday…

  7. standingonthebrink

    OK… I look forward to your answer! xxx

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  9. Aww Jenny! It’s seven words now! What to do?!

  10. standingonthebrink

    oh no! I’ll have to take out the lovely-lovely bit. Or make lovely-lovely into all one brilliant new word – lovelylovely…?


  11. Flix

    Or extend the six word limit? πŸ˜›

    -smiles and sighs of student life
    -click for your fix of flix (flix can’t just pick six words)
    -young and dumb, just turned twenty-one (stolen lyrics; twenty-one = 1 word)
    -the small things matter the most (you knows it)
    -look, listen, learn, laugh & love (inspired by Girlguiding)
    -scientists can write good stuff, honest!

    Sorry did you say six words or six sentences? πŸ˜› Oh dear. Perhaps just “girl with too much spare time” would be the most accurate. Direction to perfection involves continual correction (the six word story of my life…)

  12. Flix

    Jenny, what would yours be?

  13. standingonthebrink

    Agh. See, I’ve challenged you all to this, and I have NO IDEA what mine would be. I shall think about it. Why, are you thinking of doing the same on your blog?!! xxx

  14. Flix

    Like, I said, I would if I could, but I don’t have the facility that automatically allows for the option, and I don’t have the capacity to work it out for myself. When I get my own domain name/skillz in website design…;)

    Except I think I’d have more fun thinking them up for everyone. While it’s interesting to see how people describe themselves, it’s also interesting to see how other people would describe you, for example…

    “the bestest blogger in the whole wide world. incredible writer, very talented.”

    Okay, so I might have goaded a certain someone into writing that. But I’m sure people who chanced upon the description wouldn’t have known πŸ˜›

  15. Mia

    Aaaargh, I just got back from a couple of days away, and I am faced with a challenge…Excellent!

    I shall ponder over this…

    *puts on her thinking face*

  16. standingonthebrink

    Fantastic πŸ™‚

    Meanwhile, Flix, do you want me to pick one of those? Or do you want to narrow down your ideas and pick your own? Because I’m leaning towards stmtm, to give new readers a clue to that phrase, and because it’s true, and a theme that features a lot in thy blog.


  17. Flix

    I want you to come up with something completely new and incisive…I was merely demonstrating how simple it was to do πŸ˜›

  18. standingonthebrink

    Simple it may be, but them’s the rules – you must think of your own becuase my brain can’t summarise things. I love everything about your blog, I love all the incisive things you say, but for the life of me I can in no way pack that down into a six word blurb!! So you’ve got to do it =P – enjoy! xxx

  19. Flix

    I’m rather fond of “I love everything about her blog”

    But I suppose I could go with stmtm


  20. Mia

    I htink mine would be “Go meet her – see for yourselves.” πŸ˜€

    What do you reckon?

  21. standingonthebrink

    Sounds good πŸ™‚ I’ll put it up right away, Mia πŸ˜€

    And Flix, perhaps you can have two. Greedy =P. Although that said, that would smack of favouritism, which would be both unfair and untrue. I have to love a blog, or a writer, quite a lot, to link to said blog.

  22. Flix

    May I remind you who inititated this idea of having mousetags for every blog? Does that not deserve special treatment? Also, I’ve CLEARLY put the most effort in. And Jenny, I’m still waiting on yours. πŸ˜›

    It is really sad that this is literally the most exciting thing in my life at the moment.

  23. Mia

    Wahey! Thanks πŸ˜€ ‘Tis an honour!

    So, Jenny, what would yours be? πŸ˜›

  24. I’ll get back to you after exams if you remind me. I haven’t been blogging properly because of revision.

  25. I’m a fan of the “scientists can write good stuff, honest!” line, actually.

    Jenny, you could just remove one of the lovelies? *twitch* *twitch*

  26. standingonthebrink

    Yes, that would make sense. I shall do so – you may stop twitching now πŸ˜›


  27. standingonthebrink

    I really don’t know what I would say. I am wracking my brains for an idea, any idea, but none come to mind. What is my blog even ABOUT? xxx

  28. “What is my blog even ABOUT?”

    My blog (as are most others, I’d guess) is basically a place for me to rant and rave about whatever’s running through my head at a given moment. If you look at the list of things I’ve considered blogging about just recently, that can be pretty varied. Not sure how to summarise it.

  29. Lucy

    Rantings of a grumpy old man? πŸ˜›

  30. I still can’t see the mouseovers. I get the site previews.

  31. standingonthebrink

    There’s a button on the bottom right of hte site previews saying ‘turn site previews off’. What I don’t know is how I would get them back again if I wanted to get them back, but I don’t, so that’s OK.

  32. Mia

    Yay πŸ™‚ I can see ’em! That’s very cool, Jenny, superb idea! πŸ˜€


  33. @ Callan:
    More evidence of Mac fail? :p

  34. standingonthebrink

    @Dickie: You’re just jealous πŸ˜›

  35. Really not :p

    the irony is that I write this (and indeed the last) comment from an iPhone…

  36. standingonthebrink

    iPhones, though admittedly beautiful in looks and design and such, are really not my cup of tea. What’s wrong with an old fashioned phone with buttons and such which mainly deals in calls and texts?! xxx

  37. It has the Internet. And the app store. And shiny gadgety goodness πŸ™‚

    Have you used one? They’re surprisingly easy to use.

  38. Flix

    So are computers. But doesn’t mean I want to carry one around in my pocket, how super efficient and super convienient and super wonderful that would be to be able to touch everything and anyone any time of the day, on something the size of my palm, how completely unnecessary, yay! Old-fashioned ftw.

    So where’s your excuse for not blogging Dickie, since you have the world at your fingertips? “regularly promises entries that rarely materialise” = six words. πŸ˜‰

  39. I like gadgets, ok? At least this ones vaguely useful…

    “works half seven to half 5″… Some of us don’t have revision we’re meant to be doing, hence time to blog :p

    I don’t think i regularly promise them, I regularly say I should write them. There’s a difference :p. Anyway, might write something later.

    My excuse for not blogging via phone btw is that the wordpress app doesn’t like my web host.

  40. @ Dickie: WordPress app doesn’t like my touch either. Pain in the bum, so I write them the old fashioned way with a keyboard. Words like a charm =)

    I shall clearly have to find this button. I like Flix’s suggestion on my blog HOWEVER it is a bit messy as it is and it would sound vastly better as “life through the lens of a medical student” HOWEVER that is too many words. So back to square 1.

  41. standingonthebrink

    What was Flix’s original suggestion? Oh, yeah, and in which case mine would hypothetically be ‘life through the green-eyed lens of a non-medical student’ but that’s WAY too long. Bugger.


  42. Flix

    @Dickie: I did ponder the use of promise as an appropriate verb, but I couldn’t come up with an appropriate one-word alternative.

    For Callan, my suggestion was Life through a medical student’s lens. As first seen here. Could also shorten medical student to medic to lose a word if you want to alter it somehow. Or minus the the and the a to give Life through lens of medical student? Who needs indefinite articles, anyway? πŸ˜‰

    It’s interesting to note how far our blogs are defined by our subjects of study, for some I think it’s more apparant than others…and the summary of most of the ones here, could be described conscisely as various ponderings from a student perspective. Sorted.

    @Lucy: so, Wednesday has passed, what’s the verdict? The potato line? πŸ˜›

  43. Music. That’s it. Just music. Simple.

    Well there you have it, but it does exactly what it says on the tin!

  44. standingonthebrink

    Thank you, Ipso Facto πŸ™‚

    And yes – that’s exactly the problem I have with finding a one-liner for mine – it *is* just ‘various ponderings from a student perspective’, I have no ‘USP’, as it were, so what can I possibly say about my blog to make it stand out? Thankfully I don’t have to…yet. Because this is *my* blog we’re doing the tags for atm!!

    As for you, Callan, since you’ve stressed about this for *so* long, I might consider the eight-word rule-bend – which gives the rest of you another two words to play with, if you’d like.

    Lucy, any ideas?


  45. standingonthebrink

    Callan, I’ve put yours down as ‘life through the lens of a medical student’. Hope this is acceptable, I got fed up of your faffing =P – if you come up with something better (by which I mean shorter but jsut as good, thanks be due to Flix for a pretty good one) let me know.

  46. Lucy

    I’ve really no idea! So far it’s going down as ‘May or may not be a potato’ (seven words) but does that really describe my blog?! That said, I’m not sure what does, so…

  47. Lucy

    Also, flimmin’ ‘eck, 46 (now 47) comments!

  48. Flix

    I was excited to find that there were mouseovers on the links on this blog already, but then disappointed to discover that they were little more than what was already given by the linked word. Totally should have given us each a ‘secret’ message in the mouseover, that is, if you had all the time in the world to waste on such pointless things…

  49. standingonthebrink

    Yeah, I only realised recently that in the ‘add link’ section of the New Post window, the ‘description’ box is in fact the mouseovers. Clever, I know. Secret messages to come in future, as and when I have the time =P

  50. Adam

    I have a few suggestions, with varying degrees of hilarity:

    “He seriously needs to get laid”

    “Musician, singleton, loner.. What a mix!”

    “Decidedly verbose about the distinctly mundane”

    “You can’t really dust for vomit”

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