I am vastly in awe of George Monbiot, I really am. I just read this article on the Guardian website and in fewer than a thousand words he made me hugely consider where I stand politically.

I would precis, but I think you should all go and read it. And then consider emigrating with me to Sweden or somewhere? Honestly, it feels as if he pulled the wool right away from my eyes – we are not half as free as we think we are. The voting system in the UK is vastly flawed, that I’d already accepted, but it was okay, but what I hadn’t  really realised is how the perfectly reasonable views of small groups within society are completely marginalised and belittled and made dangerous, given labels like ‘extremist campaigning’ or ‘domestic terrorism’. And the last paragraph – about the lack of room for new ideas in the Labour government now – was just vastly saddening.

Am I being too easily swayed? We all know that George Monbiot is pretty opinionated, but legitimately so? I think so. I’m a tad worried. And sorry, this entry was going to be about my training day yesterday and the job I am going to be doing within the reasonably near future, but this article caught my eye and thought it merited the pointing-out and ensuing discussion, I hope. So you’ll have to wait for my news along those lines until later today or tomorrow…


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