Smoking Is Not Sexy:

Here is a link to a photo on facebook in which neither party looks in the least bit sexy despite (or because of) presence of cigarette. And yes, I am the girl in the photo. Definitely not looking my best, so don’t go thinking I go around looking like that when I’m sober and clean and things…

Enjoy. Now, I’m off to York for the weekend for Eurovision, something I shall probably post about when I get back… .



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3 responses to “Smoking Is Not Sexy:

  1. Flix

    Haha, it’s not like a cigarette magically makes a person attractive, I guess it’s just part of the parcel in some cases, just the flick of the lighter and a slow exhale, an I’m so chilled, man aura and there you go, sexyasyouplease. I dunno, I may be talking specifically here and perhaps I separate the image from the consequences. I feel so teenage when I’m all like “but smoking’s so cool, innit” and I know it makes your hair and fingers and clothes and life stink, and I know the health blah blah blah and I know if I had any sense I’d see it as a completely off-putting, repulsive and disgusting habit but you know, I’m young and dumb, I just turned 21. Still 5 or so years before it has a life-damaging effect…eh?

    I’m not actually an advocate of smoking, btw, but I can totally see why it’s so hard to give up. And that’s probably one of the main reasons in favour of starting to give up sooner rather than later. Or just never start in the first place. But I guess, for some, that’s already too late…

  2. I thought it was cool once. And then I had a tiny wake-up call.
    I loved Germany’s and Portugal’s entrants the most – ours was good but a little boring.

  3. standingonthebrink

    I really liked Portugal’s entry – it was incredibly happy-making. It made me grin. Which is good.

    And yes, I know what you mean. Although, Miss Flix, it sounds like you have a specific smoker in mind πŸ˜› – and, weirdly, I’m not actually attracted to any real-life smokers, but when people light up in films, sometimes, it’s very sexy and nonchalant and gorgeous, be they man or woman.

    And I will give up. Soon. Yes.

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