The Highest Compliment?

OK. Bitchy Jones has her irritating, squealy, bitchy side, but every now and again she gets it bang on the nail. Read this post here to see something that has me practically punching the air. Despite the swearing (warning – there are vast quantities of swearing in her posts that make even me look like a primary school teacher; she uses the c-word in this post which some of you may be shocked by, just so you know) and annoying grammar/vernacular. And please read it all the way through. Long it may be, but it’s worth it.

I’d apologise for being such a crazy feminist if I didn’t think she had a point; I just hope my sudden turn for the feminist in recent posts hasn’t scared you off too much. Feel free to keep on walking on the outside of the road and holding my umbrella if it makes you feel happier. But read the linked post first. Not that, if you’re a straight man, it makes much odds, but it might make you think, so read it.


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