Some Things I Don’t Necessarily Understand

I heard recently that every now and again the magnetic field of the earth switches round, so that north becomes south and south becomes north. And I want to know, if this happens, how does that affect us? I’m guessing it would have some kind of effect on satellite communications, but what effect? Also, point of interest, would we swap east and west round too, or would we have to think of new mnemonics, replacing Never Eat Shredded Wheat with something else (Sometimes Eat Normal Wheat? Never Want Shredded Eat? I’m not very good at mnemonics…).

Talking of mnemonics, and therefore going through a thought-train that takes us back to school and being young and the people we were at school with and small children and so on… I just went on Facebook to see that a girl from my school has just uploaded an album of pictures from her first ultrasound scan – so that’s another mother-to-be on the Facebook Friends list. And…wow. Yet again I’ve gone a bit dippy over baby pictures. It’s really odd, the power that this hormonal rush has. This evolutionary drive, and I can do nothing to stop it – I Want Children. Not now, that wouldn’t be sensible, but someday, definitely.

And more than that – I used to imagine being single for the rest of my life, basically, and eventually adopting some children, or finding a sperm donor, or something – but no, really, I want to have children with Someone, I want to have a baby that combines all of our best bits, and of course I think that any child of me and Whoever That Someone Will Someday Be is obviously going to be the supersprog, clever and gorgeous and active and good at everything and a wonderful, kind, honest and good person to boot.

It’s times like these that I realise that we are animals, driven by basic needs for things which are evolutionarily advantageous – love, sex, children, food. We can dress it up, sing songs, mythologise the whole thing, eat sushi and wear highly constructed suits and clothes in an entirely non-natural environment, but it’s a veneer, and sometimes that really hits you. Like, you know, when you end up madly broody over a kid who will probably be an utter brat (I’m sorry, I never liked his mother) but I hope for his sake that he isn’t, that he’s lovely, that he turns out a fine specimen of a human being, because at the moment he’s just too bloody heartwrenching to be anything but.

The other thing I wonder is this: In my stats page on WordPress it tells me what links people clicked upon to wind up here, and Condron has shown up a bit of late, a site of which I’d never heard. So I clicked on the link, and it turns out it’s a site which shows peoples blogs, and scrolls round them, so that you get to see lots of different blogs for an odd-seeming six seconds each, and pause if you like what you’re reading, which I guess gets each blog more readers. So, how did I end up with my site in their books (I didn’t put myself in), who did, and also, why do they have a little thing at the bottom saying ‘you’ll get more readers if you mention condron in your blog’? Why would that get you more readers? I am permanently confused by the clever things people do on the internet; I also absolutely don’t get RSS feeds. From what I understand of them they’d come in handy but I don’t know at all how I can get the guardian or BBC headlines appearing as an RSS on my desktop or wherever.

Oh, and that guy I mentioned the other day. My male chauvinist date. He seemed to think that old labour supporters like my dad were a dying species – in which case, why do the guardian and the BBC seem to have such a similar political bias, by and large? If the BBC is most peoples’ prime news source, and that news source has an acceptably liberal political bias, doesn’t that rather make people like my date the political dinosaurs now, huh?

Sorry about that particularly unattractive vindictive moment. I say again, he’s a lovely man. We’re just not made for one another.



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6 responses to “Some Things I Don’t Necessarily Understand

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  2. If the poles switched ‘old’ compasses would all point the wrong way but that would be all directionally as it woud be easier just to stick with the old system.

    As for what else would happen…nobody really knows. There are no mass extinction events associated with past pole flips, but there are theories that the magnetic field would weaken for the duration. If that was sufficient to expose our satellites to the full force of the solar wind that could easily take them down.

    And that would make life very difficult.

    Nobody knows what will happen. Just that its very unlikely to occur in our lifetimes.

  3. Rosie

    RSS feeds are fab, and you ought to have one on here πŸ™‚ WordPress should tell you how to do it in a FAQ somewhere.

    The easiest way to start using them is to sign up to a web-based aggregator – I use Bloglines and it’s pretty simple and easy to start using. Depending on what operating system you use you may be able to get widgets on your desktop that run feeds, and if not then there are a few freeware programs out there that will do the same thing, but they tend to eat up the CPU a bit.

  4. standingonthebrink

    Life without satellites – how would that affect us normal people? I mean, would that take the internet down and things? And obviously telly, I guess, and GPS?

    It’s probably a more rational fear/curiousity than my childhood terror about the heat death of the universe, I guess!

    And Rosie, who are you? I will look this FAQ up, thanks πŸ™‚ – you can’t be the Rosie I think you are, because the Rosie I think you are is a lot newer to WordPress. I think.

  5. Rosie

    Sorry, Rosie-as-in-Clare’s Rosie. Forgot to preface with that.

  6. standingonthebrink

    hehe that’s OK πŸ™‚ xxx

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