New Resolution

My resolution of yesterday was to read more news, so I set the guardian website as my homepage.

I’m not sure the resolution is going to work, though, because I most wanted to mention this photo gallery of baby pandas, rehomed after an earthquake. They are just too lovely.

That’s all! Now. Revision.



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6 responses to “New Resolution

  1. Flitterbee

    Lol, the only time I buy the newspaper is during exam time. It’s my healthy distraction and makes me feel all world-wise and up-to-date and quite frankly, it’s nice to like, actually read words rather than draw out fuxing hexagons page after page after page…


  2. That was something that always got me about chem – drawing organics. Argh.

    Jenny, don’t you have the BBC news latest headlines RSS feed? If not, get it in your bookmarks – I read everything that goes through the BBC website in my spare time thanks to that thing!

  3. standingonthebrink

    I don’t even know what an RSS feed is except that I have heard of them in the same way that I have heard of LAN parties and motherboards…

    However, I shall go and…find out what it is?

    And I used to kind of enjoy chemistry for that – sometimes ‘revision’ could just consist of drawing pretty patterns. It ought to be said, though, that A-level chemistry probably looks like the Sun’s Prize Sudoku next to *real* chemistry (talking of newspapers, see? The Sun was always good for mindless puzzles. However now A has bought us a book of KILLER SUDOKUS which will probably put paid to my dreams of getting a little better read-up on the world around me) – and I don’t have to think about real chemistry any more except actually in context, where it happily makes sense.

  4. standingonthebrink

    Oh, bloomin’eck. I said ‘us’.

    I *promise* A and I are not together, nor ever will be. Just thought I’d clarify that because if I don’t he’ll probably skin me alive in a faintly humourous way…

  5. C

    J, darling, thanks for the link to the pandas. I am unimpressed – I lost hours of revision because of that link!
    (well, and your blog being disgustingly readable and all…)


  6. standingonthebrink

    hehe, I know. THe pandas are damn cute, though, yes?

    And I’m glad you think it’s so readable – high praise indeed from the Furzedown Laureate 😛


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