Soundtrack To My Life (uninteresting as it doubtless is)

Meanwhile, here’s a heads-up: Song-a-Day has rather successfully provided a significant chunk of my recent life-soundtrack. Does exactly what it says on the tin: a youtube video each day of a song the anonymous writer thinks his/her readers should know about if they don’t already.

It’s a great and interesting concept, and it’s fun wondering what prompted the writer to choose particular songs on particular days, making up backstory or a character for this shadow. I suspect it’s someone not unfamiliar to some of you who come here often, but whoever it is, they’re not giving up their secrets just yet…

On that note, I was wondering about anonymous comments by Ipso Facto, of Song A Day, and others, and wondering how far it is possible to guess the gender of a writer based on their writing style. What do you think?



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14 responses to “Soundtrack To My Life (uninteresting as it doubtless is)

  1. Flitterbee

    I love stuff like song of the day, hence why I have an on the jukebox of the moment. Some songs are just parfait for a feeling or a moment or whatever.

    As for gender, reminds me of this site where you paste words and it suggests the gender of the writer. I have assumed male/female writers in the past and been wrong, but in comparing blogs I know of the specific genders, I do think there’s a dinstinct variation in style.

    Anonymoity and mystery are all good and well, but it’s hard to stay for too long being a just a ‘someone’…

  2. Adam

    Should I be concerned that Flitterbee’s link implies the author of this post is Male…

  3. yourmouthisadisaster

    I don’t know, I can see something very male in my style.

    Meanwhile that site looks fun – when I’m not about to dash out I’ll chuck some text at it and see what it thinks…!

    I don’t think the variation is necessarily that distinct – I mean, sometimes, yes, it’s obvious (girls can be just *so* girly…) but sometimes it isn’t.

    And meanwhile, you’re right, Flix – I’m sure we’ll find out soon…

  4. I do feel honoured at the special mention, so thank you. I geniunely find that sometimes a song can say far more than a whole bunch of words ever could. As far as revealing whether I’m male or female – I’ll remain that “someone” for as long as possible I think..

  5. yourmouthisadisaster

    I think from just that last post you sound female. Which is a start…

  6. Flitterbee

    The more you say, the more you give yourself away…

    It’s not always apparant from individual posts, but there’s always going to be the moment or the sentence or the phrase that says it all and not necessarily in an obvious way, though it’s hard to look at these things objectively, given prior knowledge of a person. Girls talk about people and abstract feelings and such and boys talk about tangible things and fast cars (/stereotype :P)

    Personally, I wouldn’t want to be thought of as male and I’d like to think people could be confident in the fact that I was female from the way I write, without having a face or name to prove it.

  7. Does it always matter though? I’m sure in some circumstances you need to know the gender of the author but sometimes that may lead to a clouding of attitude towards the piece, based on gender..

  8. standingonthebrink

    I like the fact taht I’m a near-genderless writer. According to your site, Flix, I come across as female about 60% of the time, and not very strongly at that. But my choice of subject matter is often people/abstract feelings – which I concede are reasonably female choices – and maybe that’s clue enough?

  9. standingonthebrink

    My test pieces, incidentally, were all from CLoudlife. It’d be interesting to test if there’s a difference between my supposed gender-percentages on Cloudlife and on here…


  10. Flitterbee

    @Ipso Facto: Does it matter? I’m all for the mystery but gender is one of two options, unlike say, age or whatever. I suppose it depends on the type of writing – if it be an article or novel or whatever, I can understand. But blogs that I read and entries that I write generally inject a bit more of the personal than writing for profit entails, so while I don’t think to ask for a name or a nationality, I like to know the gender.

    On a related note, wrt Song-a-day, how gender-defined is music taste?

    • In my defense I wasn’t aruging about remaing mysterious rather to focus on what is being written. However, you do have a valid point it is only two options and therefore it couldn’t be too hard to work out whether someone is male or female from that.

      I’m pretty sure most of you have worked out by now that I am female. Will that make you look differently at the songs I post I wonder..

      And I’d argue that music taste is influenced little by gender.

      • Flitterbee

        Oh dear I used “whatever” twice as an example, my english teacher would be so proud, innit.

        Sometimes, I think, it’s easier to get the intended sentiment of a comment if you know which gender its coming from, just as I might take something a boy said in a different light from if a girl said it, I dunno if that’s wrong or judgemental or stereotyped or reading too much into things or yeah, anyway, it’s just the way it goes and in this world of silent discussion, we need all the hints we can get…


  11. standingonthebrink

    Wierdly, IF, I was thinking of you as completely without gender either way – so you admitting your gender there was always going t surprise me, I think! Which is odd.

    Meanwhile I think there is a certain amount of difference in which genders like what music – I know this becuase my tastes in music (and film) were shaped by two or three men when I was between about 15 and 17, and I now realise that, even picking from one specific genre, I have slightly different tastes in music to girls I know. But I like ‘boy’ music in a ‘girly’ kind of a way, which is odd. Either that or I’m just something of a tomboy. Giving my music taste a kind of androgynous look.

    I don’t think I take things differently if a boy says them than if a girl says them, usually – what does make a difference is how well I think I know the person in question…?


  12. @ Flitterbee – English is always there to be mangled, it has been from the word go πŸ˜€

    As far as my music taste – I don’t really think gender has a huge definition over what I like. Perhaps it did when I was younger and the hormones were raging making me more prone to like boy bands (I still love 5ive!) but now I just like what I like because I like it. Does that make sense? I wouldn’t say I have a particularly girl or boy-orientated music taste. Androgynous is a good description, yes.

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