Things About Which I Am Currently Annoyed

  1. My old school friends and their total inability to be organised and know basic information about when they’re at home and when they’re at university, and their total fear of speaking up and actually saying, any chance we could do such-and-such a date instead.
  2. The fact that I was talked into organising this sodding meal in the first place. I am not a natural organiser and it’s something I absolutely hate doing, but I realised it was a bullet I had to bite. Well, frankly, damn-blast-and-bother the lot of you. Organise yourselves, next time, yes? (I am positively angry about this).
  3. People who at the grand old age of nineteen are totally unable to write wall posts in proper English, with a fair stab at good grammar and spelling (I’m not asking for perfection, I’m just asking for basic things: ‘you’ is not spelled ‘u’; ‘thanks’ has ONE ‘a’ and ONE ‘s’, not three: ‘thaaanksss’ – what, quite honestly, is that?; and it is frankly unnecessary, the vast majority of the time, to put more than one punctuation mark at the end of any given clause or sentence).
  4. People who write as appallingly as that and then wonder why they’re not considered bright enough to do the degree course of their choice.
  5. People who tailgate people who are driving up to the speed limit already, in a residential area, for-Christ’s-sodding-sake.
  6. Reasonable men. I like my men bloody annoying and difficult to get hold of, otherwise I’ll think you’re Way Too Keen. Thankfully the man in question will never read this. Nor, if he has any sense, will he assume it’s him I’m addressing. That would just be annoying (which would probably actually scan quite well with me…). But I’m not sure how to get past it, or if I actually want to. I suspect not.
  7. Everything Else Ever. It’s just been one of those days.


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7 responses to “Things About Which I Am Currently Annoyed

  1. “People who tailgate people who are driving up to the speed limit already”

    or from my perspective, “people who go way too slowly when it’s safe to go quicker”… :p
    (generally speaking. I’m not saying anything in this particular case as I have no clue what the road in question is like)

    Anyway, I hate it when people are non-comittal when I’m trying to organise something. Just makes it that much harder to do.

  2. Fiona

    You grumpy old woman you. About at all tomorrow (Thursday)? No signal for a mile radius around my house but my attention is to be pressganging your sister at some point around lunchtime so please do, come be pressganged. Let us moan about life and people who can’t use apostrophes correctly. I’ll bring my knitting, it’ll be a blast. Racy. xxx

  3. Fiona

    …By attention, I of course mean intention. I have none of the former and too many of the latter at this time of night. Bleh.

  4. Adam

    3 and 4 – Yes!! Yes!! A thousand times, YES!!

    5 – It’s a damn sight more terrifying if you’re on a motorbike being tailgated… When people do that to me, I like to gradually slow down just before a long straight or speed limit change, and then when I reach them just go!!!

    7 – I’m awfully sorry to hear that – but since I notice you tweeted (is that the term?!?) at Stephen Fry, things must have improved marginally at least!! xx

  5. @5 – if someone does that to me now, I drive even slower. In my mind it drives them (pardon the pun) to distraction and I’m just sitting there happy as larry, mooching along. πŸ™‚

  6. Mia

    I totally agree with everything on your list! Except for the driving – I don’t drive yet, so I can’t really share an opinion…

    3 is particularly annoying. It makes things SO hard to read when the people who post them are evident victims of an apostrophe catastrophe, or any other grammatical disaster. (e.g. fanx, definatly, gawjus, or your/your’e instead of you’re)

  7. standingonthebrink

    @Mia: I’m OK with ‘gawjus’, as long as everything else they’ve written is correctly spelt, it’s just there to denote a particular kind of accent and is therefore ‘quirky’ rather than annoying (like I say, so long as EVERYTHING ELSE THEY SAY is correctly spelled and apostrophinated. YES that’s a word).

    @Dickie, Ipso Facto, Adam – this was a windy residential zone in the mist, and speed-camera-ed to the max – just *not* the kind of place to speed. But I do the driving-slower thing as well – I don’t see the point in racing ahead on roads where it isn’t necessary. There are lots of beautiful drives near me – out of the city – and people should learn to enjoy them for the view. Not that I don’t enjoy going at speed too – in the right context. As for being on a motorbike, well, isn’t that scary enough already?!!

    @Fi: I only just picked this up today 😦 which is a damn shame. Clare didn’t invite me, and I was scared I’d be intruding, so I didn’t. Sorry! I hope you had a lovely time and we can have a decent catch-up in the summer, I hope, if not before!


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