Me Me Me

Right, here’s the thing: I read a lot of blogs, and those bloggers read me, and we’ve never met in real life, or had a conversation outside of the topic of the blog, so I realised there’s a lot of things I wonder about you that maybe, sometimes, you wonder about me. So here, for you lot, are my ’25 Things’ – random facts, as they come to me, all about me in the real world:

  1. Tea makes me disproportionately happy. As does coffee.
  2. When I’m not on the internet I like reading anything and everything. Currently I’m having a poetry moment, but I’m now moving onto a book of short stories by China Mieville (check them out, he’s a great writer).
  3. I have a sister who’s two years younger than me, and I adore and admire her muchly, but don’t often bother to tell her, because I’m not the most huggy or fluffy of people.
  4. I have a great relationship with my parents, and almost always have. My mother and I laugh like schoolgirls at the silliest things, and my dad is incredibly similar to me in many ways.
  5. I play the cello reasonably well, and the piano unreasonably badly given that I’ve been learning both since I was six and four respectively (I took my grade eight cello and got a distinction aged fourteen, but the same year I nearly failed my grade five piano, which should tell you all you need to know).
  6. My room is almost always a mess, and I am shockingly disorganised and always late, though I honestly try not to be.
  7. I have no objections to getting unreasonably drunk every now and again. I think sometimes you need to, somehow. Although I’m almost always sorry for the consequences.
  8. I’m a Guardian reader, and reasonably left-leaning, though how much of that is due to the political upbringing I mainly got from my father, and how much is due to my own input, I’m still not sure. I think it’s mainly the former, which embarrasses me.
  9. I appear pretty confident, but I’m really not. I’m not comfortable with trying new things and I hate not to appear competent. In the same vein, I hate showing emotion in front of people which has led to a certain amount of sneaking off from parties and such in the past, which, ironically, only seems to get me more attention, which entirely isn’t the intent. Although I do like to be found, so maybe it is, let’s be honest. And I’m learning to laugh at myself.
  10. I’m a little bit in love with most of my closest friends, but then, isn’t everyone?
  11. I don’t tend to suffer fools, at all, bother ‘gladly’. That said I can be very patient and sympathetic, and I’ve been told I’m a ‘good listener’.
  12. I don’t like to bitch about people behind their backs and try to never do it, with one or two exceptions.
  13. As a family we’ve gone camping pretty much every year since I was about five. Somewhere mountainous. And then we walk, every day, and as the years go by I love it more and more. As a rule, I hate hotels. I’m a very outdoors person despite complete malco-ordination which leaves tents in knots around my fists and guy-ropes constantly ripped from the ground as I trip over them.
  14. That same malco-ordination makes me bloody hopeless at pretty much every sport bar running and swimming (and poi, if you can count that).
  15. I’m five foot seven, reasonably solid – not fat, no, but not as skinny as I’d like to be. I’m darkish blonde, I wear glasses most of the time, and like wearing men’s clothes, especially in combination with stupidly floaty dresses. I also have a penchant for bright red lipstick on occasion.
  16. I’m one of those people that carries a bag that would be more appropriately termed a snails shell or something – I carry my life in whatever sack i’m lugging about, especially spare hoodies and jumpers, Just In Case. Of what?
  17. I haven’t bought as many shoes this year as last. I am quite proud of this. But my new shopping vice is vintage jewellery, which is at least cheaper.
  18. I have, according to my mother, a very ‘boy’ taste in films. I put this down to the fact that the greater part of my cinematic education was through Callan’s collection, and that’s influenced what I like ever since, but then, it wouldn’t have been such an influence if I hadn’t fallen in love with a lot of his films. I like films which make you think although there’s always a place in my heart for a good old-fashioned romcom, especially When Harry Met Sally or Four Weddings And A Funeral. I also love Pride and Prejudice.
  19. I doodle all over everything but still claim I can’t draw. In comparison to many people, I can’t, but I still consider myself pretty good at it. Kind of.
  20. I’m always playing ‘What If’, and imagining my future. I always had a good imagination – my flatmate commented that my childhood, playing complex imaginary games with my sister with elaborately constructed whole worlds and political heirarchies, was a bit ‘Bronte-esque’.
  21. I listen to music almost all the time.
  22. I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth; I like making cookies and brownies once in a while but I mainly love putting together big hearty meals to share with a few bottles and good company.
  23. I’m introverted: I will happily spend several days on my own, don’t really talk much to my coursemates, and am very independent.
  24. I was born in London, lived there until we went to America for nine months when I was three with Dad’s work, then we went back to London until I was six, when we moved to a small southern market town. I wasn’t ever happy at school, but I worked reasonably hard, got good grades, and loved college, discovering myself, and creating alcohol-fuelled, muddy, messy chaos in the process. Then we moved to another southern city just after my eighteenth birthday, and I’m very slowly building a life there, and meanwhile living it up here, up north, in this university town. I love it here.
  25. I’m still not sure this list is wholly representative of ‘me’.

So there you go. Comments, questions, and additions very much appreciate.

And meanwhile – who are you? Go on…



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12 responses to “Me Me Me

  1. Hello, I’m a first time reader of your stuff, I just stumbled across it via the ‘Tag Surfer’

    I really like this post, so much so I’m going to unabashedly pilfer the idea for my own Blog becuase it’s such a great one.

    I hope you don’t object, rest assured I won’t take any credit for the idea.

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  3. Lucy

    24: Heh! I went to America for six months when I was five with Dad’s work! (The age-difference in starting school meant that I missed six months of Reception and went to Kindergarten with my sister instead)

  4. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  5. C

    Now I’d say that’s more of the nuts and bolts of you, rather than the actual you.
    Won’t bother to try and describe, the English language doesn’t have a large enough variety of words…


  6. Flitterbee

    I’d like to say that much of that doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but I can’t be sure whether that statement is entirely true. It’s not that I thought those things about you, necessarily, but it kind of fits with the image in my head, I guess.

    18: Such boy films as…? Heh, the only examples you give are girl ones…
    23: I have one mutual friend with Jenny R. M. on facebook. However, owing to number 23, I guess you don’t really know each other that well.
    25: I’d be disappointed if the whole sum of your person could be given in a finite list of only 25 points.

  7. standingonthebrink

    I’m pretty sure ‘malco-ordination’ isn’t a word…

  8. standingonthebrink

    Boy films such as V for Vendetta, Constantine, Minority Report, Constant Gardener, The Last King of Scotland (although those last two are ‘grown-up’ boy films and therefore also appear to grown-up women as well, such as my mother (though she hated the violence in the Last King, personally I thought it was brilliant. The film, rather than the violence, I don’t *relish* violence, I’m just not put off by seeing it on film).

  9. standingonthebrink

    Sadly, Flitterbee, I have no way of knowing your surname nor who our mutual friend might be! Any clues?

    Meanwhile I’m the kind of person who, when making lists like these, always thinks that One More Thing will at least vaguely round it off, but can never identify that one thing. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, I suppose. A failed perfectionist… .

  10. standingonthebrink

    Fourth post in a row: for that link, I’m not sure if I love or hate you! It’s beautiful! But I have no money! Help!

  11. Flitterbee

    I pretty much want most of the stuff on that site, particulary the butterfly/dove/french based ones. And the umbrella necklace. A Lot.

    I spend aages imagining what my 25 would be. Often coming to the conclusion that what people would want to know isn’t necessarily stuff I’d want to tell and perhaps that the points I would say wouldn’t be all that interesting or unexpected, anyway…

    • standingonthebrink

      To be honest, I’m more interested in the silly small things rather than the things you wouldn’t want to tell – just what makes you laugh or smile, how you usually feel when you get up in the morning, your favourite piece of clothing, things like that… . As you always say, stmtm 🙂 xxx

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