…I somehow thought that we were better than this. Corrective rape? Really? And the government and the police do almost nothing about it.



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3 responses to “Naively…

  1. Lucy

    I was watching an extensive piece about this on Channel 4 News t’other day. It’s horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible. And while Britain is by no means perfect, it’s this sort of thing that suddenly makes you realise just what we do have.

  2. standingonthebrink

    It really, really is. Terrible. We do have a lot – a reasonably decent justice system, a national health service that by and large does its best by most of the population, ditto education… oh no, look what you made me do, I’m into full-blown table-thumping mode…!

    I should definitely read the news more often. I get the Guardian probably about once a week, so I’ve got a vague idea about the most important headlines but that’s as far as it goes, and things like this, meanwhile, escape under my radar almost constantly…and for crying out loud, it’s only 30p!


  3. Lucy

    I’ll be honest, my news absorption at university is fairly hit and miss as well. I occasionally scan the headlines on the BBC News website, and occasionally catch the news on TV if I’m eating supper and bored when it’s on (- hence generally of the Channel 4 variety, being an hour later).

    And I do mean to buy the Guardian more often – thing is, to get it at student price involves trekking to the union, and I keep persuading myself that if I buy it then I just won’t do any work. The fact that I don’t seem to do any work anyway is clearly irrelevant…

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