Metaphors & Similes

For some reason I’ve been trawling through my old blog today – (anything beats tidying my room) – and discovered a link to this strip from Sam & Fuzzy, that I personally find hilarious. If your sense of humour is anything like as madly off the wall as mine you’ll be crying with laughter.




…Just me, then, yeah?

Meanwhile, I did literally scan through the entirety of the archives. It’s odd seeing my sixteen-year-old self through my nineteen-year-old eyes. Yes, I’m not exactly grown up now, but the person who wrote those entries from 2005-6 seems so much younger than me now, and even more recent entries have a certain angry naivety to them. But I seem so much more happy-go-lucky as a fifteen-year-old than I do later on in the blog, or in this blog, even. I don’t know if I was actually happier, or just a lot less aware of the consequences of things I did. Either way, I had a lot of growing up to do, and I did it. But it’s interesting to be able to go back and see what I was like then – and what the people who commented on my blog were like back in those days. We’ve all changed. It’s odd looking back – the way I remember things, I don’t feel that I was any younger back in college than I am now, but then you look at the things I thought and the arena and way in which I chose to express those thoughts and you realise I was a lot younger; still, in so many ways, a child. 

The past is the past. Every second you are someone slightly different, and that builds up and builds up over time until you can barely recognise the selves who have gone before. But sometimes we need to be reminded of that. Things change, we change, change is the driving force behind everything and we’re always moving on. What’s gone is gone, and that’s good. Honestly. However much we might miss the past, it isn’t quite what we thought it was.


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