I’ve finally made it to the ranks of the Nearly There. Next week I have my first mock driving test – a sort of ‘mini mock’ mainly to see Just How Much I Screw Up In One Hour. Then we’ll spend the next lesson or so going over said screw-ups, then I’ll have a two hour full mock, and then, hopefully, I can take my test. This probably takes us to just after Easter – I was hoping I’d be driving by Easter proper but I didn’t really believe that it would actually happen – although I may take my test just before Easter, it depends how long the waiting list is, for one thing. However I should almost certainly be driving by summer, which is still beyond belief. I am a happy bunny, it has to be said.

And some other fantastic news from the Home Front – I went running earlier this afternoon and fully tripled my previous distance, if not quadrupled it. To be fair, I wasn’t really making any effort before, but today I just about got round two and a half miles. This, for me, is a lot. I’ve just got to keep doing it now and I’ll be well on the way to doing the Race for Life.

It’s all coming together. Good times indeed, and long may they roll. Now, let me at that Neuro textbook!



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6 responses to “Mock.

  1. ruethewhirl

    good stuff, on both counts. my driving mocks were somewhere near disastrous. though i passed first time (beating my brother, win!) it was in an automatic and with 11 minors. which still makes me pretty much a danger to all road users…

    and good work on the running too. if i could find somewhere with no people i’d go running too. unfortunately the sight of a pale, fat man keeling over wheezing on the public highway is probably proscribed by society, if not an actual law.

    mixtapes made. send me your address and i shall dispatch them with all swiftness.

    ….yes, i am commenting on everything anyone’s doing. it’s either that or carry on close-reading Shelley. sigh…


  2. standingonthebrink

    Thank you πŸ™‚ my mock didn’t go brilliantly, as expected, but it taught me just how much there is still to learn – I mean, I know how to do everything I’ll ever have to do on the road, but it’s a case of always being aware of everything, and remembering all the millions of things you have to always be aware of. It’s the thoughts-juggling I’m struggling with, not the thoughts and actions themselves. Nearly there, but not before Easter now!

    Go for it – go late at night or early in the morning, find a pair of comfy trousers you can run in. Most people who see someone clearly out running and struggling with it will think ‘well, good for them’ rather than laughing. That’s what I hope, anyway, becuase I am not the fittest or the slimmest I’ve ever been by a long chalk, and I don’t suppose I cut a dash, with my fringe plastered to my face and my belly sticking out further than my un-bra-ed boobs and my distinctly lopey, off-kilter gait (what with the sideways skew of my spine and the pronation of my feet I don’t have a cat’s chance in hell, really).

    So basically, point is, go for it. It’s amazing how quickly you improve.

    I did send you my address, didn’t I? Thank you very much – I’m very excited about these mixtapes! πŸ™‚


  3. Un-bra-ed boobs?! No no no, you can’t run without a bra! How to give yourself saggy boobs in one easy step. And pronation can be pretty much fixed with the right pair of trainers.

  4. standingonthebrink

    I’ve got orthoses i have to wear because my pronation is so pronounced, I wear them all the time, else I’d walk like a duck. And believe me, I have no boobs, so they couldn’t possibly go saggy. And I do absolutely mean that, believe me. Flat as a pancake. I do sometimes wear my bikini top mainly to avoid offending people on cold mornings…

  5. I know you have boobs, you can’t fool me! Seriously, even if you’re an A cup or something, you need a sports bra.

  6. standingonthebrink

    I literally don’t! I am a 34AA, and I’ve been fooling you all these years πŸ˜› – but I will think about it, you’re probably right, and now I’m doing more than just hauling myself round the block it’s probably worth looking into. That and decent running shoes…

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