Oh WordPress, I Do Love Thee…

WordPress has just suggested to me that for $15  a year I buy up this domain, so that the address of this blog becomes just standingonthebrink.com.

For some reason, this is really, really tempting. I would love love love for this blog to be all my very own, as it were, which it doesn’t quite feel whilst it still says ‘wordpress’ in it. And I have upwards of 50, perhaps a hundred regular readers, if not more, so it’s not as if it’s a vanity thing, it’s an actually genuinely useful thing (of course, yes, that makes so much sense, Jenny…).

Does anyone love me enough to do this for me as some kind of friendsy Valentine’s present? No? Not even if I cry?




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2 responses to “Oh WordPress, I Do Love Thee…

  1. Would wordpress host it regardless? Or would you need to find your own hosting, as that could be more expensive…

  2. standingonthebrink

    it would still be a wordpress blog. I think. But it wouldn’t say ‘wordpress’ in the address. How did you pull that one off? Who hosts yours?


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