More Than Just Words

It’s odd. Words in the right context can have the most frightening power. I mean, you say ‘goodbye’ probably several times a day, but then written down like that, on the screen, it makes your heart stop and before you know where you are your keys are in your hand and your boots on your feet and you’re running, running because you don’t know what else to do (a terrifying beginning to an evening that ended well). ‘I love you’ is something I say to my family reasonably often, my friends whenever they offer me a cup of tea, and seriously never; but the moment it is said seriously it’s enough to reduce you to tears, it really is – assuming this is a hollywood movie and this is something you’ve been waiting for for the previous two hours; in reality I can’t pretend to know, really. And I remember wanting to cry when I heard my young cousin M say his first word – ‘bowl’. Who’d have thought it. It only makes you realise that the words which make up the things we say to each other are the smallest fraction of what we’re actually saying; and it also makes you realise just how powerful they can be because of that.

Sticks and stones, eh?


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One response to “More Than Just Words

  1. annadegenhardt

    first time he said his first word, I barely noticed, and was more distracted by the cat, I think. Or one of his toys…


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