Snow (of course).

So what that the whole of Britain seems forced to stop for snow? So what that buses were literally crawling, dragging themselves around the city? So what that nothing functioned, no-one got in to school and all the cafes closed? There’s a whole spate of blog entries round the country right now about how pathetic this is, I’ll bet, but does it really matter?

Today, I got up late, got into my scruffiest, warmest things, sledged on campus with my flatmates, threw snowballs, took photos, laughed and wore myself out. I ate tinned soup and toast that seemed so much more delicious just because they were warm. I walked up through the snow to R’s house – it took hours, but it was so beautiful. We set out again to join what seemed to be half hte student membership of my church in a local park where the sledging was incredible – honestly, travel any further or faster and I would have been too terrified to enjoy it. We built a huge snow-woman – she really did look quite female, purely by chance – and called her Lucy, and lent her my scarf, L’s glasses and A’s hat. We sledged some more. We went back to R’s for hot chocolate and cake, and now I’m heading back up to R’s for films – we may go and see Defiance. I’ll let you know what I think (although basically I already know I’m going to love it merely for the presence of the beautiful Daniel Craig…).

Tomorrow, in theory, I’m going home for a few days – and this is where the fact that the UK has seemingly ground to halt does annoy me: I want to go home, I want to see my family. I want to see our cats’ hilarious reactions to the snow. I want to built a snowman on the Common with my sister, spend a whole evening knitting and watching the news, go for a walk somewhere nearby. It rather looks like I won’t make it. But right now, I’m happy, and tired, and about to see DC on screen in some form or another, so I’d better go…


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One response to “Snow (of course).

  1. annadegenhardt

    you’d bt back soon; by the looks of things, College will be closed awhile, so snowmen are GO!!! Plural.



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