I will endeavour not to mind that I am now too old to have any chance of having thighs like a baby gazelle and a bottom that stays up on its own without having to work for it, and I will attempt not to miss my sixteen-year-old self or berate her mentally for not enjoying these things while they lasted.

I may even endeavour to work for it.

I will stop being such an old woman.

I will find a way of making my hair look perfect every day without having to think about it or get it cut every six weeks. Somehow (I used to get it cut every few years but now it’s shorter and that just won’t do unless I want to grow it again and go through that awful inbetweeny stage).

I will work out why I can’t seem to upload more than five photos at a time to facebook.

I will buy a new camera at some point I promise because I probably don’t really need new shoes.

I will make marmalade this year and ignore my grandmother when she complains that it isn’t as good as the stuff she used to make because it will definitely be better than shop bought even if it is the first time I’ve ever done it.

I will redesign my blog because what’s the point in having got out of WordPress if I can’t make it look like I did?

I will make damn sure that 2010 is an improvement on 2009, just as 2009 was definitely an improvement on 2008 (remember 2008? Utter rave).


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