Home Sweet Home

Right. I’m here now, in my new room. It’s a bit messy, there are boxes that did contain things like my radio and my toaster, and so on, but it’s home. I love that I have my own bathroom and that it looks like other people’s bathrooms – that I have my own shampoo, soap and such rather than just whatever my mother’s happened to pick up at Waitrose. I love that I have all my own cooking stuff. I feel like a grown-up! But already there are going to be problems, I can tell. There isn’t really enough space in the kitchen, or rather, there is, but it doesn’t divide equally into ten and people have already taken more than their fair share. But so long as we can navigate this one without world war three breaking out I don’t particularly mind. Everyone in my flat is friendly and pleasant; more than that I cannot say. The sun is shining, the weather is sweet, this next year should be pretty good. I think that’s all for now – I need to go into town for my new iPod!


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One response to “Home Sweet Home

  1. Adam

    Glad you’re all settled (ish) – good to hear that you arrived safe and sound, and that everyone there is nice. Enjoy yourself!

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