Comedy Injuries and a very cool Sea Cucumber

It’s been a pretty eventful couple of days since I last posted.

First I gashed open my foot on a broken ringbinder that I’d left out on my floor. The irony being that my room is nearly tidy now, and never once did it injure me when most of my clothes and books were on the floor and the carpet may as well have not existed – no, it chooses to strike now when most things are away and all that remained was a heap of paper and files and folders and things for recycling/re-use. I now have what will be a rather fine scar, about two inches long, 3mm deep and 5mm wide. And I’m limping around using an umbrella for a walking stick with a giant Elastoplast affixed to my foot.

Yesterday I limped into town and met up with a friend who has definitely been mentioned more than once here (of ‘Things I Lost’ fame). Flickers of the friendship we lost (blowing bubbles into smoothies from LoveJuice = utterly hilarious), all horribly mixed in with the billions of mistakes we made, and I’m quite surprised we didn’t end up in some all-out argument, but instead, as usual, he sucked all the fight out of me. So I was vastly cheered up to meet my cousins at the station, go out for a drink or two and then go down to Blockbusters for a film, in this case, Juno, which, in case you haven’t seen it, is funny, sweet, heartwarming and pretty unusual.

Then I spent a couple of days working and watching as gradually my cousin put together her costume for the ‘30,000 Freaks Under The Sea’ theme party at Bestival on the Isle of Wight. You’ve guessed it, she’s going as a giant stripy sea-cucumber, and watching her do her sea-cucumber dance (really, you had to be there, but I was helpless with laughter) prompted my comment that she really did look as ‘cool as a cucumber’. For which I am now being mercilessly teased (it had to be said, though – right?).

Then there was my birthday shindig (yes, my birthday was in August, but I am Not That Organised!), but I think that deserves a whole new post. At some point.


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