Flying Visit

Currently I am sat in my friend’s kitchen hearing J come up with such gems as ‘M and R made love ritmico and scherzando‘ and ‘L’s love making is staccato‘ (‘M and R made love rhythmically and jokily’ and ‘L’s lovemaking is short and detached’). This is what happens when you deprive J of sleep for a week and then provide him with a musical terms dictionary…

So the New Forest was fantastic. Stressful, yes, and I got pretty irritable and tearful at points, and it rained a lot of the time, but we saw Mamma Mia again and also a live production of Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat, and I swam on Bournemouth beach at night and by day, we walked a lot, ate a lot of seafood and some of us drank a frankly silly amount. I learnt a lot about myself (thanks to a couple of heart-to-hearts where some people definitely told it how it is and were immensely kind to me), and also about how you should never take a bunch of unseasoned campers camping unless you’re prepared to absolutely lay down the law – which I did, to no great effect.

Next year we’re getting a cottage in the Lakes. At least we’re all still speaking – and I’m actually at a post-holiday gathering as we speak.

Tomorrow I have to dash home early and hop on a train to London within seconds. When I get back I may have something to say for myself – in my notebook I have some thoughts noted down, I had quite a lot to say in response to various things I’ve read recently, and if all else fails I will at least have my second set of A-level results to regale you all with…!


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