New Forest

Today I am off to the new forest with some friends from back home.

We are camping. Never had I realised, before, the sheer amount of thinking involved in organising a camping trip, because usually I’ve camped with my family, and my dad’s the one who orchestrates the packing of the car and all the techy checky things one should do to prepare. I’m providing one of the tents, the stove, and furniture, from air mattresses to a table and chairs. Plates, lanterns, cutlery, saucepans, and more. I haven’t done any of those things I totally meant to do, such as checking and sealing the seams and putting up the tent to make sure it hasn’t been eaten by some crazy synthetic-fabric-loving bug. Yes, I worry about these things… It’s not much that I have to do as such, it’s just that I have to remember so much more than I usually would.

And I am bound to have forgotten something ridiculously obvious e.g. my medicines, or my purse, or my toothbrush, or something.

However, the point is this: I won’t be here until the sixth. Have a nice week!



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2 responses to “New Forest

  1. There’s a lot of thinking. Try organising a long cycle ride. It’s just phenomenal, the sheer volume of stuff you need to keep in mind.

    “Make a list. Do not omit anything. Stick to it rigidly. Be aware that you will forget things off the list. Try to keep them to a minimum of importance.”

    Thats what I stick too. Sometimes it even works lol.

  2. standingonthebrink

    There was a lot of thinking. It was very, very stressful. But excellent. And very rainy!

    I like lists. I make a lot of lists.

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