On The Brink

Welcome to the new home of my old blog, Metaphors and Similes. I thought it was time for a full-scale change, time to grow up a bit, perhaps. So I got a WordPress blog, and here I am.

This new blog is called On The Brink because that is what I feel I am: not yet fully an adult, just about to leave for university, not entirely sure what is around the corner. My sister said, before I explained, that it sounded ‘really emo’. That’s not the point at all – it’s not some crazy about-to-leap-off-cliff type brink I’m referring to, just the feeling of having the world spread before me, ready for me to drink it in. Actually, I think it’s quite optimistic. So there. Hopefully she gets that now too!

Expect to see this blog change quite a bit over the coming months. I’d like to get a working knowledge of CSS and design this blog myself, as near as I can from scratch. For now, though, it’s nice to have left the confines of LiveSpaces, and find that finally I can hang my own pictures on the walls.

Anyway, since I’m supposed to be working and earning my living proof-reading, I shall leave you now. I hope that over the next few days this place will become more interesting and worth coming back to, as I make it more my own. And hopefully I’ll find something to say for myself before too long!



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5 responses to “On The Brink

  1. Welcome to the world of new blogs, Jenny. We hope you enjoy your stay and no doubt we’ll enjoy your blogs. :oD

  2. Mia

    I like the new blog!

    Here’s to the nice new beginning, and a happy blogging future!


  3. Welcome to WordPress! When I’m in soton you’re welcome to badger me for help, and drop me a mail otherwise, but I’m sure you’ll manage to work most of it out – I did!

    all ze best, and to a good few years.

  4. momsm ftw! 😀

    Three years ago almost *everyone* I read was on msn spaces. Now, there’s only one. It’s strange how things change…

  5. Lucy

    Ooo, shiny 🙂

    I particularly like the date layout!

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